Zuzula did not start the season. In Sölden it fell in the 1st round

Sölden. The entry into the 44th World Cup in alpine skiing Veronika Zuzulova was not on Saturday.

Finally, in the second round, he did not manage the bottom of the track, and the victory left Finn Tanja Poutiainen. Austria’s Kathrin Zettel with Rakesanka, who lost only one point, lost third place, Karbonová lost 32th in the third place.

The experienced 29-year-old boss has overtaken Kathrin Zettel’s one-hundredth of a second.

These racers have replaced the positions of the Rettenbach Glaciers a year ago when Zettel triumphed before Poutiainen.

“I was struggling to get a good result at the start of the season, but after the first round I did not think of winning. It all seems to me that I dream.In Sölden, I always wanted to win and only now, “T. Poutiainen said in a statement. Finnish Tanja Poutiainen had great joy after the race

The third ended in the current race with a distance of 32 hundredth Italy Denise Carbon, Who did not maintain a leadership position from the first round, but the hurricane suffered a heavy crash, but it also operated.

Her countryman, Manuela Moelgg, got worse, but she did not finish the second round after the first round.

Apparently the most prolific of all will be Sölden’s first mention of Austrian woman Nicole Hospo, for whom the Olympic season ended before it began.

Round and about fifty-meter “rolled” track, home-grown-up hopped off the front knee ligament in his right knee, and according to Herbert Mandl, chief executive of Austrian racer, she is waiting for her surgery and a few weeks off.

The stalemate also means that in January of this year in Zagreb it has sustained a similar injury, but for a change in the left knee.

“I kissed my knee and then I felt a stabbing pain,” she said before the air transport to Innsbruck N. Hospo. Nicole Hospo in the aftermath of a heavy fall

The champion of spinning disciplines, Poutiainen, after two second places in the seasonal upswing in Sölden finally won the triumph, nine in the World Cup and fourth in the huge slalom.

The figure was after 1.The third place in the round, the second time for the overall triumph was also the twelve fastest time. Just the racers who started in both rounds between the first ones had an advantage in the Saturday races, as the track was gradually breaking with the rising starting numbers.

The only one Slovakian Veronika Zuzulová has paid for it, and it was 71 with a high of 76 races after the fall did not finish the 1st round.

The Slovak slalom traveler traveled to Sölden with the basic ambition to win a competitive start in the new season as the conclusion of the previous premaroded and eventually had to undergo knee surgery.

Twenty-five-year-old Slovakian participated in the traditional seasonal upbringing for the fourth time.The maximum of these races in Sölden remains the 21st place two years ago.

On Sundays at 9:45 pm, Sölden has its opening slalom SP 2009/10 on men’s program. The Slovaks should start Jaroslav Babušiak. Results:

Huge Giant Slalom – 1st + 2nd Round: 1. Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 2: 24.96 min (1: 12.14 + 1: 12.82); Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) +0,01, 3. Denise Karbonová (Tal.) +0,32, 4. Tina Maze (Slovenia) +0,84, 5. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová + 88. 6. Anja Pärsonova (Sweden) +0.95, 7. Kathrin Hölzlová (DE) +1.20, 8. Viktoria Rebensburg (DE) +1.32, 9. Lindsey Vonnova (USA) +1 , 39, 10. Camilla Alfieri (Tal.) +1.47,…Veronika Zuzulova (SR) did not finish the 1st round.

1st Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 100 points, 2. Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) 80, 3.Denisa Karbonová (ITA) 60, 4. Tina Maze (Slovenia) 50, 5. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová (Sweden) 45, 6. Anja Pärsonová (Sweden) 40, 7. Kathrin Hölzlová (DE) 8. Viktoria Rebensburg (DE) 32, 9. Lindsey Vonn (USA) 29, 10. Camilla Alfieri (Tal.) 26.

1. Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 100 points, 2. Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) 80, 3. Denise Karbonová (Tal.) 60, 4. Tina Maze (Slovenia) 50, 5. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová 6. Anja Pärson (Sweden) 40, 7. Kathrin Hölzlová (Germany) 36, 8. Viktoria Rebensburg (DE) 32, 9. Lindsey Vonnová (USA) 29, 10. Camilla Alfieri (ITA)