Žilina did not have problems in the first match: Bardejov defeated 3: 1

ŽILINA – The hockey players MsHK DOXXbet Žilina hockey players better to enter the tip of the Tipsport extralig, who in the opening match played HC 46 Bardejov 3: 1 home team on Thursday and took the lead in the series. The second meeting is on the program on Friday at 17.00.

Zilina and Bardejov were aware of the importance of the first barrage meeting and focused on the game from a secure defense. In the 10th minute, the home side increased the pressure, and Škovira was able to reach the finish and found the free space between the hand and the goalkeeper Blažíček’s shoulder. On the other side, Ščurko was able to conceal himself, which he was unpleasantly conquered immediately after the throw-in, but his beheading ended Peksa. At 14.for the second time in the game, Škoviř pushed ahead of Blažicka and placed a defeated puck after firing Varga. Bardejovcans were too dangerous in the first trimester, one of the few attempts was not used in the prestigious game of Garip Saliji.

. In the 26th minute the Žilinčania pushed ahead of Blažíček, in the scrum was best oriented Klouda and pushed the puck into the goal. He did not look well with Bardejov, but only after twenty seconds from the break he entered the Gmitter zone and reduced the score to 3: 1 with a precise shot. Although the guests were more dangerous than in the opening game, more chances were made by the home team. First after the Slovakian missed the uncovered goal Tomas, at 32.minute

Domestic players controlled the duel and held a safe two-goal lead until the end. The Bardejovers have not been able to make a more pressing pressure, the biggest chance they did not use in the scrum in 54.minute Dancsák. The winners of the Žilina were 3: 1 and in the bargain series they made a 1: 0 lead.

Martin Groma, coach of Žilina: “First of all I would like to thank our fans who but I would like to express my thanks to René Jarolín, who has started the duel in spite of a tragic event in the family, and I will say so much about the fight that we were still bragging on it, but it was not an opponent.

Jan Vodila, Bardejov coach: “We did not get to the barrage. The middle part of the game was more balanced and I think we even had a slight predominance.But we did not manage to score a 3: 1 goal, so we would have gone into the third third with a better mental state. Although the last part was also balanced, we did not score. Today’s performance, especially in the last two thirds, can be built, the players have tested them in their opponents. I believe we’ll be more offended by tomorrow’s home. “