Zagreb is also Monte Carlo skiing, Judges Zuzula

ZAHREB, BRATISLAVA. In the World Cup calendar, Zagreb is the only capital city in the country. In the past, only the Norwegian Oslo was praised by the metropolitan by a similar curiosity.

The main town of Croatia, until recently a non-Hellenic country, Janica Kostelica, was the host of the slalom world elite. Zagreb’s native managed to play so many trophies at a young age that the inclusion of the race in her “city” into the SP calendar since the 2004/05 season was a logical honor.

The same time, thanks to Ingemar Stenmark, he was given the tiny Swedish village of Tärnaby.Millions of Zagreb are at the opposite pole.

The Skeim hill, which means the peak in the translation, lies in the “bear” of the Medveschak mountain range, about twelve kilometers from the city center. However, we have a low hill: the start of the track called Red Creek is only 980 meters. Besides the ice-covered snow-covered track, it was not up anywhere after snow best betting offers or memorials.

The women’s slalom elite on Sljeme first time three years ago. He has been driving there every year. In the first year, the race was called the Golden Bear, then changed it to the current Snow Queen Trophy – the Snow Queen Trophy.Such a nickname in Croatia was given to Kostelic. “When I won here for the first time, I was a bear, now a snow queen again,” she laughed at Poutiainen’s misty tale.

In four years, only two racers have enjoyed the feel of the winners – except for Poutiainen (2005 and 2008), last year’s Austrian Marlies Schild. By the way, only those two slalomars on Friday night surpassed Veronika Zuzulova.

The race in the capital has considerable chaos for runners. Women with men are in limited capacities in Zagreb. Just for the ladies to be able to release the hotel rooms by the ladies, the women’s slalom was on the program on Friday and the men were on Sundays.I’m not going to be together on the iceberg season in Sölden and on its final climax (this winter near Bormio in Italy), but they are still congratulating. Because the whole “white circus” is in one hotel, and still in the five-star Westine in the city center.

“It’s also no good to have anywhere else. It is only overseas in Lake Louise, where sliding disciplines go, but I have not even competed there, “Zuzul says. Her father and coach Timothy Zuzula appreciates that joint housing allows much betting account offers closer contact with people in the ski world than is customary. “We can talk more freely and freely here. We are talking to colleagues only shattered on the hill. “

The care of the organizers for the teams, but also for the journalists, is in great style in Zagreb.The live anthem at the start of the race also has a charm. There is also an accompanying program at the city center. On Jelacic Square, where start numbers are needed, there was a “party” in front of the women’s and men’s races. For people who did not want to go down the hill on Friday, they prepared a program of aerobatic snorkeling at a break in the center of the metropolis!

On prisons, the first thirty-five on Friday amounted to 165,000 euros – more than anywhere else in the women’s SP races.Veronika was awarded a 15-thousand check for third place, winning up to 60-thousand euros!

“Zagreb is also Monte Carlo skiing,” judges Timothy Zuzula. Fresh “Snow Queen” Poutiainen again says: “Men have Kitzbühel and Schladming, we have a slither!” True, in the aforementioned Austrian resorts, visitors are able to attend one race from thirty to fifty thousand spectators. Women can only dream of it.

The Zagrebs were really looking forward to the premiere three years ago. Janica then ride, so more than twenty thousand spectators arrived at the first cup slalom on Sljeme. On Friday evening, they were around the track and only “ten” were in sight.

Still a lot, but two times less than two or three years ago.At the same time, the audience had home trains in the form of Any Jelušičová and Nika Fleissová. “Probably because Kostelic does not compete,” Zuzulov agreed. Croatian offshore “boss” Vedran Pavlek sees other reasons: “Friday is a working day and it was really cold. And the program is stretched. Most people have preferred male slalom on Sunday when there is a free day. “

When I first won, I was a bear, now a snow queen. Tanja Poutiainen, Finnish Ski

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