Three Wounds in the Hat: Young High Sensation begins with a hot summer

There is a morning when Michaele Hrubé, the eighteen-year-old, starts athletic exams from adulthood. At the European Championship in Amsterdam, qualifying will be a battle to advance to the finals, and it is the start of the summer, packed with important races, including the junior World Championships and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. ČT Sport broadcasts the program from Amsterdam via direct broadcast from 10.30 and 17.30.

You are slowly starting to get used to this blonde lady’s smile. She has just reached the age at which, in 1968, at the Olympic Games in Mexico, her famous predecessor, Milena Rezková, encouraged the Soviet occupation of the impoverished Czechoslovak nation with gold.And Hrubá goes for the first time to a fight with a mature competitor at the European Championship, which is its first goal this year.

“It will be a really hot summer because Míša has three peaks. After the European Championships in Amsterdam, they are leaving for the junior world championship and then the Olympics, “reminds coach Alena Nezdařilová. “The junior world championship is a priority for her, she falls into that category. There we expect the greatest ambition and the attack on the gold medal. “

The cohort is eighteen years old, but it is already among the elite among adults.Looking at the difficult summers in the winter, she offered a start at the Portland World Championship, and then watched as her contingent Vashti Cunningham from the US earned 196 centimeters gold, just a centimeter from Gross Personal Record.

My legs that I could be there, “says Rough. “But it would be terribly demanding, we would come and not have the month when I would train. It does not have to fall well for the summer, so I’m glad I decided, though I might have been able to fight for the medal. “

That chance is coming now. Just as in winter in Portland, Amsterdam can also give a medal for performance close to its current personal record of 195 centimeters. “The medal might lie there, depending on the conditions.He is going to decide how to sleep, “predicts Unsuccessful.

Gross today needs to jump 192 centimeters to the end of the tournament.In the summer season, in which she was struggling with a slight injury, she had jumped only one inch more. “Half of the gas can not get into the qualification,” says Unsurprising. “There is no reason to save, we want to achieve the best result.”

The eighteen-year-old is entering the battle with considerable experience not only from the youth championships, but also from the Europa Hall of Champions in Europe last year. “It’s definitely a big plus for me,” she remembers last year’s finals in Prague, where she won eighth place. “When I was a newcomer, I did not know how it was going after the race over the mixzone…Pressure of the journalists is quite enough after the races, but I got used to it somehow.”

Of the nineteen representatives who will hit the European Championship races.Adam Sebastian Helcelet, Jiří Sýkora and Marek Lukáš will join the championship at the start of the championship, including the javelin winner Vítězslav Veselý, Jakub Vadlejch and Jaroslav Jílka, the distance traveler Radka Juška and the club Jan Kudlička with Michal Balner.