Shocking triumph of twenties: The youngsters decided to win over Skalica in four minutes!

BRATISLAVA – Zverenci Ernest Bokros decided to win their unexpected victory within four minutes of the first third. In the 5th minute after the unskilled Skillman Skalicans opened the score Horanský, who from the rings shot down Lipovsky – 1: 0.

The game has also been offered to young men, but this time Lipovsky has gathered at the Rzavsky ride. The second goal, however, did not leave for a long wait. In the 9th minute the puck hit the left side of Mlynčár, he played in front of the goal and uncovered sports betting offers Koyš overcame the Skalický goalkeeper – 2: 0.

best online betting offers the first part of the game, they have taken the initiative of the hockey player from Záhorie. At 34.min. Preisinger was almost excited about two and a half minutes later. The goalkeepers were still looking for Kuhlhu and the goal again did not fall. At the very end of the second part, he pushed forward to Lipovský Tibensky but did not score the third goal of the home team. In the 47th minute the “twenty” players had another big chance to increase the lead but Luza hesitated too long for the shooting. Skalica scored a goal in the 55th minute when Kutálek’s shot ran into the Stieler net – 2: 1. In the 59th minute, the Scholar could match, but it did not happen. Even the final power-play did not help the favorite just to gain a point. On the contrary, ten seconds before the end, the ambitious young man secured the winning Gašpar insurance.

HK Orange 20 – HK 36 Skalica 3: 1 (2: 0, 0: 1)
Goals: 5. Horanský (R. Gašpar, Rzavský), 9. P.Koyš (Mlynčár, Minárik), 60.

R. Gašpar (Luža, Tibenský) – 55. Stieler (Kutálek, Staňo)
Shots: 7: 5 in 2 min, power play: 0: 0, weaknesses: 0: 0 .

HK Orange: R. Sabol – Gachulinec, Palovič, Dinda, Rusina, E. Černák, Valjent, Luža, Bačik – Rzavský, R. Gašpar, Horanský – Tibenský, / p>

HK Skalica: Lipovský – Ketner, Vyrúbalík, M. Srnec, L. Kozák, Staňo, Barák, Kalinic, Stirner, Oberealek – Šátek, Preisinger, Kutálek – M. Romančík, Jankovič, B. Mráz

Ernest Bokros (coach HK Orange 20): “For today’s performance, matches, boys deserve praise.The victory in today’s duel deserve. We were very helpful in the opening third, in which we scored two goals. The boys widened their wings and had a greater taste for victory. From our point of view, the third third was important, in which we defended three weaknesses and I also have to pick up the Sabola goalkeeper. “

Stephen Mega (assistant coach Skalice): “After the previous twenties, we knew that a very difficult match was waiting for us, which was confirmed. After the difficult game in Banská Bystrica in the first third, we were tired in the first third, which the young representatives used to score two goals.We have started playing three-fifths since the second game, but it did not help. The opponent was the better the whole game, he was corrupting us. At the end of the press, we did not have enough experience. Congratulations to the victor. “

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