Video analyst of our representation: Homework does not have players

ST. Etienne. He tries to understand the thinking of the coaches and players. He looks for their strongest weapons and weaknesses. “I’m exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the teams we are going to attack,” says video analyst Michal Slyško.

Materials, statistics and analysis are taken over by the Russian company InStat.

” There are highlighted defensive or offensive game activities , Which are dominant for individual players.We see how the teams play the attacks, which players are responsible for building the attack and who are about to complete the attack, “he says.” Our video analyst played in youth in the past with Mucha or Šesták. The team is with them even today, although in a different position. (Source: Gabriel Kuchta – SME)

We have made progress since the World Championships in Africa.

“We have access to a portal from UEFA where the Championship is also recorded tactically. The camera from behind senses the game as well as a panoramic view of the whole course.It is a novelty that allows us to look at the games in more detail, “explains Slyško. All news about the Slovaks at Euro 2016.

From the above pages, within half an hour after each match you will find out what was the success in individual Gaming activities in the defense and attack or the physical load of the Energybet free online bet players. Read also: Read also: The fastest Sprint is Weiss, the longest hostess Hubocan

The GPS system takes a closer look at the entire training process. The players of Slovak footballers in the European Championship in France have been mapping since the basic groups were needed.

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The Axor decided to become the first star of the match

PITTSBURGH. Five Slovak hockey Energybet online betting deals players presented themselves in five matches of the NHL Monday night and Andrej Seker had the biggest reason to smile.

An experienced defenseman decided to win Edmonton on a hot ice in Boston 3: 2 after an extended run.

Domestic captain Zdeno Chara assisted in the first goal of Bruins.

The Boston-Edmonton Expansion was a little more than half a minute after Ax came to a firing position in front of the blue line.His first attempt, Jonas Gustavsson, went ahead.

The Slovak defender used it and his second shot from the nearest distance was already behind the back of the Swedish goalie Bruins.

It was the third goal and the twelfth point in the season of a 29-year-old native of Bojnice, who declared it the first star of the match.

Overall, he defeated 23:21 min, more time was spent only on Boston defender Torey Krug (23:58).

Zdeno Chara made his home team at 23:06 with 4 shots and 2 blocked attempts.

Edmonton has drawn a series of winning matches to six and in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference he jumped to third place.

Since the Boston victory, his players enjoyed the first time since 6.November 1996, despite the domination of 49:24.

“The players of the opponents were everywhere, they burned on us and they did not give us breath, we are not naive to think that we were a better team today than Boston, but we win because we have intelligent players who believe That you have something of an opponent to steal, and of course, the performance of our goalkeeper was overwhelming, “said Oilers Todd McLellan, coach for NHL.

“Cam Talbot was the reason why we won today, and he did a few great moves,” said Andrew Seker, coach, in an interview with Oilers, and said: “When I looked at mine The first shot, I rushed to him and made a second attempt.It’s been released. “

Detroit players apparently did not admit that their 13-game series with a minimum stake would come in a home match against Buffalo. It happened.

Guests won 2: 1 when the scores turned in 1:01 minutes three and a half minutes before the end of the third third.

The young Swedish striker Johan Larsson decided the first hit in the season. Slovak Red Wings did not play, although Tomáš Jurčo was closer to the goal than Tomáš Tatar.

Five minutes before the end of the second third, Jurčo was stopped by Mike Weber in the driveway and the referee ordered a shotgun.

The young man after a variety of motion creations eventually tried the shot with a swing, but goalkeeper Chad Johnson hid the puck in the trap.

“Players are testing different types of raids.I tried to watch his move, “Johnson told Jurčův nájezd.

” He did what he could, but it did not work . When shooting, you feel that you have to give it, but it often does not work out that much you want. The percentage of success is not high, “Detroit coach Jeff Blashill told Red Wings on Margo’s unmistakable Jurca attempt.” It is a disappointment that we did not strike in this game, “said Detroit captain Henrik Zetterberg.  – Buffalo Sabers (@BuffaloSabres) 15.December 2015

In the Ottawa-Los Angeles (5: 3) match, the home team managed to score a third with a score of 4: 1 for their triumph.

Slovak Energybet online bets striker Marián Gáborík shot three times at 16:48 on ice, but none of his attempts went beyond Craig Anderson.

The home hero was mainly Mike Hoffman with 2 goals and 1 Energybet sports betting assistant.

“Four of the five home goals have come for our mistakes.” It does not have to happen, “said Los Angeles, a foolish Slovenian center in the service of Los Angeles, Kopriv.

Trainer Mike Sullivan did not get the Premier on Pittsburgh , Penguins slipped to home in Washington 1: 4.

The TJ Oshie winger scored with two goals and assists, with Braden Holtby holding 44 goals.NHL – Monday:

/ Zdeno Chara (Boston) played 23:06 min, 4 shots, 1 assistant, 2 blocked strikes – Andrej Seker (Edmonton) played 23:21 min, 1 goal, 1st star match / Marián Gáborík (Los Angeles) played 16:48 min, 3 shots, 2 penal minutes / Tomáš Tatar played 13:56 min, 2 shots , 2 minutes, 1 minus point, Tomas Jurco (both Detroit) played 5:26 min, 1 shot /

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F1: double silver arrows

SEPANG, BRATISLAVA. The winner of the F1 Series, Malaysian Grand Prix, became the defending champion Fernando Alonso from McLaren Mercedes. He scored 10 points and including 8 points after the opening season in Melbourne with 18 points at the top of the overall ranking.

The other ended his team mate from Britain Lewis Hamilton, third Finnish Kimi Räikkönen for Ferrari.

This year in Formula 1 it looks like a supersize. What they were showing off at McLaren and Ferrari and especially their riders Fernando Alonso, Luis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa, fans of the epic litter, was demonstrating what had happened in Sunday’s championship at the Sepang Malaysian Grand Prix.

After the first race in Melbourne, it seemed that Ferrari will dominate this season on the tracks.Now it is obvious that this is going to be exciting fights. The McLaren team is definitely out.

It is hoped for the tribune to have both Silver Arrow riders in front of Felipe Massa on the pole position after the excellent start. And with the duplicate effect, they arrived at the target.

“Nobody ever missed us,” McLaren chief Ron Dennis said after the race. “We had a good strategy, a good start and finally we achieved the result that the drivers and drivers deserved.”

Hamilton has hampered ferrari riders from the start, making Alonso quickly gain 10 seconds ahead of the race He added eight more.

“Having made my second place in Australia, my dream has come true today. I am very happy. I’m so excited that our team is moving so fast.The key to winning was a good start. After that we were able to control the race. Lewis’s second place is growing even more. “Although Alonso was right on the top ladder, and so he won the first victory, Lewis Hamilton’s name was equally enthusiastic.

It’s not often seen that a full-fledged newcomer in the most prestigious races would give much more experienced riders such as Massa or Räikkönen.

Hamilton went smoothly, at the level of the world champion, and in addition to hesitating for Energybet online bet the first time, he did not lose the second position for a while. After the start, the Mass Monopost was lighter and faster, but Hamilton blocked him hard and held behind his back.When Massa kicked off the first bar, he dropped off the awkward attack that sent his monopost out of the track, Hamilton was equally good at fighting with Kimi. “At the end Kimi moved me and I was a little bit nervous about balancing. This is also the race. I got a valuable experience in the hot conditions. “

Finally, he took care of the double McLaren Mercedes.

Alonso entered the final lap with a lead of 18 seconds. Behind him was a drama. Kimi had gone all the way, had the best time and the Energybet free online bet difference on Energybet bet online Hamilton was only eight tenths. But the difference was definite. The ice man, like the Finns, had to settle for the third place.

The Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​on the program on Sunday, April 15th. Great Malaysia

1. Fernando Alonso 1: 32: 14,930 h

2.Lewis Hamilton +17,557 s

3. Kimi Raikkonen +18,339

4. Nick Heidfeld +33,777

5. Felipe Massa +36,705

1. Fernando Alonso (ESP)

McLaren-Mercedes, 18 points

2. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland)

Ferrari 16

3. Lewis Hamilton (V. Brit.)

McLaren Mercedes 14

McLaren 32 points

2. Ferrari 23

3. BMW 10

4. Renault 8

5. Toyota 3

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Molcans compare to Klizan. I’m different, she opposes

Trnava. Many of his talents compare to Martin Klizan. He’s left, has quick legs, a handsome hand, a tough psyche – and 17 years old. But Alex Molcan opposes tennis.

“I’m not Klishan’s copy. Martin is different, taller, playing a little different style, “said the native of Prešov. “I want to be myself.”

He admits his idol is another left-wing Rafael Nadal. A joint photo with a Spanish player from Wimbledon last season is worth the most. He played without respect

Molčan surprised on Tuesday at a challenger tournament in Trnava. As a free card player and standing 1552.”He was one of the most beautiful days of my career so far,” said a young man from the National Tennis Center in the first round of Czech Jan Šátral, who is almost 1400 seats ahead of him. Last month, he was the main figure of a Slovak team who won the title of European Champion in La Rochelle, France in the category of tennis players under 18.

“I played without respect in Trnava, I fought for every situation and paid off. / P>

In the secret of the first set, the home player played with Scarral 1: 5, but turned 8: 6 and won the set. He gained confidence in the next game. The other set finally won in secret 7: 2.

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Olsson dominated the 50th World Championship, Bajčičák on 34th place

VAL DI FIEMME. Sword Johan Olsson swiftly triumphed in the final MS discipline in Nordic skiing at the Val di Fiemme in Italy, which was 50 km classic with a mass start to achieve his life’s individual success.

On the track in Lake Tesero, Olsson escaped along with Darius Cologne for ten kilometers before half of the track and got rid of Switzerland and unconquered solo ride at 2: 10: 41.4 h came for His world premiere champion title. In the goal of the “royal” track, the Olympic winner of the Vancouver 2010 relay headed 12.9 seconds ahead of Silver Cologne, bronze won by Kazakh Alexei Poltoranin (+16.8).

Olsson has won for Sweden 49.first world championship gold and triumph in marathon successor to compatriot Torgnyho Mogren, who dominated at this track in 1991 and 1993.

The race did not meet the absolute world champion on fifty years of 2009 and 2011, and Olympic champion from Vancouver Norwegians Peter Northwood, who finished up to 21st with more than a two-minute loss.

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The only Slovak representative of starting the competition 73 Martin Bajčičák ends of the cross member 34 of shortages 6:36 min Line.

Reached such a peak in Val di Fiemme, Energybet online sports betting he had previously been in skiatlone and the 15 km Broad match at the 38th position. Results – 50 km classic with bulk start:

1. Johan Olsson (SWE) 2: 10: 41.4 h, 2. Dario Cologna (Switzerland) +12.9, 3.Alexei Poltoranin (Kaz.) +16.8, 4. Alexander Legkov (Russian) +19.5, 5. Eldar Rönning (Norway) +20.2, 6. Tord Asle Gjerdalen (Norway) +32.3 , 7. Hannes Dotzler (DE) +32.7, 8. Maxim Vylegžanin (RUS) +34.6, 9. Jens Filbrich (DE) +38.5, 10. Daniel Richardsson (SWE) +41 , 3…, 34. Martin BAJČIČÁK (SR) +6: 36,1

1. Norway 8 5 6 19

2. France 3 0 1 4

3. Russia 2 0 3 5

4. USA 2 0 1 3

5. Sweden 1 6 0 7

6. Austria 1 5 1 7

7. Germany 1 1 3 5

8. Poland 1 1 1 3

9. Japan 1 1 0 2

9. Switzerland 1 1 0 2

11. Slovenia 0 1 1 2

12. Kazakhstan 0 0 2 2

13. Finland 0 0 1 1

13.Canada 0 0 1 1

/ the country is the number of gold, silver and bronze medals and a sum of precious metals /

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Hockey Quiz: What do you remember from the last Czech championship?

BRATISLAVA. Though three of the favorites (Finland, the US and Russia) managed to sneak two, and they lost to them after the prolongation (Russia and the US), they did not step out of the group. The Slovaks have lost points with opponents against whom victories have been waiting.

National teams are currently fighting for victories in the Russian championship. But try to remember how you remember last year’s tournament in the Czech Republic. Loading…How many points have Slovak hockey players gained in base group B? 9 points 10 points 11 points? The result of the quiz

Three points have been won by the Slovaks for a Energybet best online betting victory over Slovenia 3: 1, two points for triumphs 2: 1 after separate raids over Belarus and 4: 3 after prolonged over Denmark. After one point, they fought for overtime with Russia (2: 3 pp) and USA (4: 5 pp).Source: TASR The team of the Slovak team, headed by coach Vladimír Vůjtko, chose the three best hockey players. Which? Ján Laco, Marek Ďaloga, Marián Gáborík Jan Laco, Andrej Meszaros, Libor Hudacek Jan Laco, Andrej Meszaros, Marián Gáborík? The result of the quiz

Ján Laco was Slovak goalkeepers.He reached seven meetings, averaging 2.33 goals per game and an average hit rate of 89.74%.

Source: TASR Which opponents did the Slovaks win in the tournament? Slovenia, Denmark, Belarus Slovenia, Norway, Denmark Belarus, Norway, Slovenia? The result of the quiz

Slovaks won the picture (pictured) Slovaks won 3: 1.The Danes beat 4: 3 after separate races, with Belarus 2-1 in the lead. Source: TASR Against which opponents have Slovak captain Tomáš Kopecký’s Slovak trainers placed on the tribune? Belarus Finland Norway? The result of the quiz

The captain of Slovakia in the match against Norway was Marián Gáborík.Source: TASR How many goals have they scored for the World Championship championship of Canada hockey players? 54 Goals 66 Goals 72 Goals? Quiz Result

Most goals from Canadians gave Tyler Seguin – 9. He became the best shot of the whole tournament.Source: TASR / AP Which three players did the tournament director choose for the best? Connor Hellebuyck, Brent Burns, Jaromir Jagr Pekka Rinne, Brent Burns, Jason Spezza Mike Smith, Brent Burns, Jaromir Jagr? Quiz Result

Pekka Rinne has created a new world championship record in minutes without a winning goal. It surpassed the absolute maximum of 225: 25 min Murray Dowey for 67 years.The goal did not last for 238 minutes and 50 seconds. Source: TASR “I’m Energybet online betting games sorry everyone who will sit this summer next to me.” Which Canadian hockey player wrote a Twitter status before leaving Prague? Sidney Crosby Aaron Ekblad Claude Giroux? Quiz Result

Aaron Ekblad scored seven points for four goals and three assists in ten matches.He also wrote ten plus points. Source: TASR / AP Russian hockey players have left the ice at a ceremony. Which player did the team withdraw prematurely into the dressing room? Iľja Kovaľčuk Alexander Ovechkin Jevgenij Malkin? Quiz Result

“It was not a protest against Canadians. We saw an open door to the mix zone, so we went there.We understood that it was only time for the winners and we are no longer needed on the ice, “explained Iľja Kovaľčuk for Sport-Express Source: TASR Hockey Quiz: What do you remember from the Czech championship last season?Share your result / ******* * * GENERAL functions part * ************************** / function sha1 (str) { Var rotate_left = function (n, s) {var t4 = (n >> (32 – s)); Return t4; }; Var cvt_hex = function (val) {var str = ‘; Var i; Var v; For (i = 7; i> = 0; i–) {v = (val >>> (i * 4)) & 0x0f; Str + = v.toString (16); } Return str; }; Var blockstart; Var i, j; Var W = new Array (80); Var H0 = 0x67452301; Var H1 = 0xEFCDAB89; Var H2 = 0x98BADCFE; Var H3 = 0x10325476; Var H4 = 0xC3D2E1F0; Var. A, B, C, D, E; Var temp; // utf8_encode str = unescape (encodeURIComponent (str)); Var str_len = str.length; Var word_array = []; For i = 0; i

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Lewis Hamilton triumphed at the Grand Prix of Canada

MONTREAL. 2008 Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton from the UK won the Grand Prix of Canada for two weeks after Turkey’s Grand Prix, and with 109 points he is already at the top of the overall ranking of riders. Just like in Istanbul and Montreal, McLaren enjoyed double success, while the other went through Hamilton’s countryman Jenson Button, the defending champion of the title. In the eighth season of the season, Fernando Alonso, another Ferrari champion of the world, was at the top of the season.

Hamilton got to the front in the 50th round (it was 70 laps) when Webber from the Red Bull team had to slow down because of the tires and finally the Australian had to go to the depot. Webber finished fifth and overall leader position – fell 103 points to 3.the place.

For two weeks, the VC Europe is in Valencia. Canada’s Grand Prix

Replacement of Red Bulle’s gearbox before Sunday’s leading World Championship champion, Mark Webber, meant that the Australian had moved five positions back to the 7th position on the starting racket, so he added to the first prize Qualifying Lewis Hamilton Webber’s teammate Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton kicked off best, Vettel bounced off the hard attack of Alonso on Ferrari.

In the second turn, Massa, De la Rossa and Liuzi, who had to head into the boxes and the Kobayashi race, had to finish. The first three of the rest of the starting field went, fourth Jenson Button braked the other riders, but at 5.Webber was able to get ahead of him and headed for the lead trio, where the second Vettel in the next Red Bull-McLaren fight harshly attacked Hamilton’s leader.

In the 8th round, however, the British rider pointed to the boxes closely watched by the third Alonso, and the two monoposts exchanged tires with a soft blend of hard. However, Ferrari engineers were faster, and Alonso despite a confrontation with Hamilton in the boxing alley, and on a circuit breaker, he held a better position. The Red Bullov pair was ranked as Vettel, Webber, before Michael Schumacher on Mercedes and Sebastien Buemi on Toro Rosso. In the 13th round, he went on to change the Schumacher tires, the round later to Webber and the 15th round Vettel.All the teams had great problems with the quick tire wear.

In the same lap Hamilton returns Alonso overtaking maneuver and fight your way out of the pits again on the cutting edge of the race. In third place he was riding another McLaren pair Jenson Button in front of Red Bull Vettel and Webber. At the end of the 25th round Alonso attacked Hamilton and he turned into the pits for another tire change. Alonso followed Alonso two rounds and returned to the young Brit. Tires also changed Button and Vettel. Webber drove further with hard rubber. Kubica, Rosberg and Buemi ran away from behind. Schumacher drove to ninth.

In the 50-round Webber on the worn tires he could not resist the attack of Hamilton and then left in the boxes for a soft mixture and returned to the 5th position. V 56.The lap to overtake a slower monopost attacked Button successfully on Alonsa and went to the second position. In the 64th round, Massa attacked Michael Schumacher’s ninth position and injured the front wing. The visit of the boxes was marked by points. In the end, Webber had to slow down. In the final lap of Schumacher, both Force India and Liuzzi attacked Sutil with points, while the seven-time world champion was vacant.

“It was a fantastic weekend for me, and I was very good at training and training, and there was a lot of British fans, all of which did a great job, which was also the second place for Jenson Button , “Said Montreal winner Lewis Hamilton. “Today they played a big role in the tire.At the start of the race their devastation was very high. That is why there was a special situation here. The status of the dgum has to be monitored. We had to think seriously. Today it was not enough to stamp on the gas, “said Jenson Button, the second man of the Canadian Canadian Canadian, who did not conceal the third Alonso.

” I’m happy. The car is competitive. He made us a pit stop when I got in front of Button. (70 pts, 305,270 km): 1. Lewis Hamilton (V. Brit.) McLaren 1: 33: 53,456 h, 2 Jenson Button McLaren +2,254 s 3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +9,214 4. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) Red Bull +37,817 5. Mark Webber (Australia) Red Bull + 39,291, 6. Nico Rosberg (DE) Mercedes GP +56,084, 7.Robert Kubica (Poland) Renault +57,300, 8. Sebastien Buemi (Switzerland) Toro Rosso +1 round, 9. Vitantonio Liuzzi (Tal.) Force India +1 round, 10. Adrian Sutil (DE) Force India +1 Round, 11. Michael Schumacher (Germany) Mercedes GP +1 round, 12. Jaime Alguersuari (Spain) Toro Rosso +1 round, 13. Nico Holkenberg (DE) Williams +1 round, 14. Rubens Barrichello (BRA. ) Williams +1 round, 15. Felipe Massa (Brazil) Ferrari +1 round, 16. Heikki Kovalainen (Fin.) Lotus +2 rounds, 17. Vitalij Petrov (Rus.) Renault +2 rounds, 18. Karun Čandhok India) Hispania +4 rounds, 19. Lucas di Grassi (Brazil) Virgin +5 rounds. Fastest Round: Robert Kubica (Poland) Renault 1: 17,178 min.

Incomplete: Kamui Kobayashi (Jap.) Sauber, Bruno Senna (Brazil) Hispania, Pedro de la Rosa ,

1.Lewis Hamilton (Gbr.) McLaren 109 2. Jenson Button (Gbr.) McLaren 106 3. Mark Webber (Aus.) Red Bull 103, 4. Fernando Alonso (Spain.) Ferrari 94 5. Sebastian Vettel (Ger.) Red Bull 90 6. Nico Rosberg (Ger.) Mercedes 74 7. Robert Kubica (Pol.) Renault 73 8. Felipe Massa (BRA.) Ferrari 67 9. Michael Schumacher (Ger.) Mercedes 34 10. Adrian Sutil (Ger.) Force India 23 11. Vitantonio Liuzzi (Tal.) Force India 12, 12. Rubens Barrichello (BRA.) Williams 7 13. Vitalij Petrov (Rus.) Renault 6, 14 . Sebastien Buemi (Switzerland.) Toro Rosso 5, 15 Jaime Alguersuari (Sp.) Toro Rosso 3, 16 Holkenberg Nico (Nem.) Williams a Kamui Kobayashi (Jap.) Sauber the first

first McLaren Mercedes 215, 2. Red Bull Racing 193, 3. Ferrari 161, 4. Mercedes GP 108, 5. Renault 79, 6. Force India 35, 7. Williams and Toro Rosso after 8, 9.Sauber-Ferrari 1 SITA

Zrelak: Necesitaba una inversión, moviéndome a Jablonec di un paso adelante

Bratislava. El proceso de calificación de éxito para los jugadores del Campeonato Europeo de junio de menores de 21 años con cinco goles fue el máximo anotador de Eslovaquia.

Adam Zreľák mientras lesiones golpeó bonos de apuestas por internet sólo cuatro de los ocho encuentros.

En los tiradores de orden en la calificación fueron también un pequeño número de minutos jugados clasificados en el dvanástky.Prečítajte élite también: Ver también: Comprobar Zrelák creado un gran revuelo.A la liga viene pupila Juventus Entre los jugadores estrella

también hubo jugadores como Vincent Janssen (Tottenham), Munir El Haddadi (reproductor tribal FC Barcelona), Gerard Deulofeu (AC Milan) y Patrik Schick (Sampdoria).

Reenviar FK Jablonec Checa y Eslovaca capitán del equipo nacional de 21 años Adam Zreľák cree que su equipo tendrá éxito y el campeonato en Polonia (decimosexto-trigésimoJun) acciones .Zostrih Adama Zreľáka: vídeo //

Zreľák septiembre pasado dejaron Slovan Bratislava y se dirigieron a la contienda Checa más alto, pero él se desaceleró problemas de salud.

“Mientras estaba entonces lesionado, me llamó propietario de Jablonec, que estaría involucrado incluso en tal estado. En ese momento yo también considerar el cambio del locus”, dijo Zrelák en entrevista para la web de la Asociación Eslovaca de Fútbol ( Pero no creo que estuviera enfermo en buena casa de apuestas deportivas Slovan, solo necesitaba un giro, algo más.Y creo que el cambio en la liga checa, que dio un paso adelante, “pokračoval.Zreľák: Sé que puedo coger”

“Soy un luchador y en la parte posterior aún más fuerte.” “Adam Zreľák, eslovaco futbolista

-Año ex jugador del MFK Ruzomberok durante la caída golpeó fractura por estrés en el lado del pie.

“cuando la transferencia a Jablonec, ya debería estar bien, pero cuando llegue al especialistas Praga encontrado Que no se cura como lo hizo.En su recomendación, me gradué de la cirugía y el tratamiento se prolonga, “el tirador trece goles con la camiseta del Slovan Bratislava.Adam Zrelák (derecha) Eslovaquia ha hecho una buena reputación para operar en Ruzomberok y Slovan (Fuente: AP).

“Desde enero, sin embargo, comenzó la preparación del individuo, ahora con entrenamiento normal con el equipo. No siento ningún dolor. Creo que pronto volvió a adelantarse en Inglés partidos sucediendo “dijo

Al comentar sobre su actuación en el Europeo de Polonia dijo:”. Creo que, de hecho, sé que puedo hacerlo.Soy un luchador y en la parte posterior aún más fuerte. “El interés también había rusos

Zrelák en enero de 2014 como jugador Ruzomberok pasó la prueba en el CSKA Moscú.

Las buenas actuaciones en Polonia podría asociarse Checa entrenador de Pavla Hapala abre importante klubov.Prečítajte Europea también: Ver también: Liga es un tesoro adolescentes Tirando se venden a través de los checos

eslovacos jóvenes en las fuerzas del grupo a medidos con el propietario polacos. Campeones defensores de los suecos y los ingleses.

“Cada oponente del grupo es fuerte, bueno.También tenemos que prepararnos para el euro en la cabeza. Somos un equipo, un equipo, un equipo y todos vamos a luchar por Eslovaquia. Dejamos todo en el césped “, concluyó Adam Zreľák.

ofertas actuales de las casas de apuestas

Six clubs may pass, Guardiola will try to pay off

BRATISLAVA. Six clubs (Arsenal London, Paris Saint-Germain, SSC Naples, FC Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich) can secure a placement in the spring semifinals of the Champions League.

The program will be eight rounds of the fourth round Base phase in the first four groups (A through D). Download Mobile App for Android and iOS (Google Play and App Store)

Meet the teams who played against themselves within two weeks in the third round, then the guest will now have the advantage of the home environment. Up to reach

The A-group is dominated by favorites after the opening half of the game.The Arsenal in London and the Paris-based Saint-Germain have seven points, FC Basel and Ludogorec Razgrad one at a time.

Arsenal will play at Ludogorca, Paris in Basel. If Arsenal or PSG wins and the other pair does not win, both teams will penetrate into the eight-finals.Arsenal defeated Ludogorec at home video //

The first measurements of the opponents’ opponents have resulted in clear successes of favorites – Arsenal has won at home over Razgrad 6-0, PSG Basel 3: 0 .Neapol did not come out of a general. Read also: Naples lost to Juventus after the goal of its former Higuain player

The B-group can only advance one team on Tuesday – SSC Naples.The team around Slovak captain Marek Hamšík is six times leader of the table before Besiktas Istanbul (5 pts) and Benfica Lisabon (4 pts).

The last is Kyiv Dynamo (1 p.). Naples will fight in Istanbul.

The first condition for Naples in connection with the procedure on Tuesday is their victory, the second draw of Dynamo Kiev in Lisbon.

Napoletano did not run the general – on Saturday in Italian Serie A slipped to Juventus Torino 1: 2.

“We showed a decent game, the game was okay, it was a balanced duel.” We missed a bit of luck, “said Slovak representative Hamšík for his website. : “The Turin match is past us.”Barcelona can be confident of the first place” In the C-group there is a sovereign Barcelona with nine points, followed by Manchester City with four points, Borussia Mönchengladbach with three and Celtic Glasgow (1 p.).

The Catalans will be introduced to Manchester City in the evening, Celtic will head to Germany.Barca at home guarded the Guardiolov return to Catalonia with a high prize. (Source: TASR / AP)

If Barcelona does not get it, it will get the assurance of the procedure.If he wins and Mönchengladbach does not, Barcelona will become a winner of the group on Tuesday. A rewarding strike

Over two weeks, Barcelona’s former successful Pep Guardiola helper will stand in Barcelona for the second time.The first duel obviously does not mention the best – City at Camp Nou lost 0: 4.

Hetrikom was Lionel Messi, one goal added by Neymar.

Saturday as well as a smooth win at West Bromwich Albion (4: 0) and is ahead of the English Premier League score before Arsenal and FC Liverpool.

“It was important to win because we did not succeed in six consecutive games,” the Brazilian said in the City Fernando jersey for the club //

Guardian added: “After three draws and three games, we wanted to succeed again. Today we were a little bit more positive about the quality of the players.We are happy because we are at the forefront, it is good for our self-confidence. “

Barcelona beat Granada on Saturday 1-0 and La Lige is the second, Real Madrid has two more points. “It was not a breathtaking fight, but just as we expected. We played against a well organized team, very compact with a large number of players under the ball. In certain moments, we were lacking in lightness and lightness, “FC Luigi Enrique, coach of the FCB website, quoted Luis Enrique.

” There are still many matches left, but we are on the right track – in the league and in the Lige Championships. Line-up semifinalists

There are two teams in the D-group to fight for.The best cards are in the hands of a flipped finalist of the season at Atlética Madrid. The Spanish club is a 100-point leader with nine points.

The second one in Munich Bayern has six points. FK Rostov and PSV Eindhoven are with a one-point gain on the table’s tangle. Laading…

Atlético at home against Rostov, Bayern in Eindhoven. If the coach of Diego Simeone overcomes Rostov’s players, they will pass.

Bayern on Tuesday will win the finale if he wins and if Atlético fails. Analyzes brought official web site competition.

Legendary Peter Happy celebrates the round jubilee

BRATISLAVA. An important life jubilee is celebrated on Sunday, September 18, by a former legendary Slovak hockey player and later by MEP Peter Šťastný. The former extraordinary striker and member of the Siena of Glory NHL and IIHF celebrates the 60th birthday. Read also: Four Brothers Happy and Slovak Hockey Success Peter Šťastný is one of the most prominent figures of Slovak hockey in history.Puku has been working since childhood, his path to hockey success began first in Bratislava on the street with his friends and then spread to high qualitative level to the representation of three countries – federal, independent and meanwhile Canadian.One of the best Slovak hockey players in history Celebrate sixty years. (Source: SITA)

It is one of the famous trio of brothers who played for Slovan Bratislava and for Czechoslovak representation. Peter and Anton, after winning the first ever Bratislava and Slovak title in the federal league, emigrated to Canada in the early 1980s.Later, Marián came in and again set up an assault triplex – the NHL in the Quebec Nordiques.

Peter later worked in New Jersey Devils and St. Louis. Louis Blues. He was first in the profilige rocket when he became the best newcomer in the 1980/81 season, playing in the NHL for more than 10 seasons, 977 matches in the base and a balance of 450 goals with 789 assists (1239 points), which put him among the greatest figures in history.In 93 performances play off gave 33 goals and together with 72 assists he collected 105 points. Read also: Peter Šťastný: The Shatan kept shamefully

In the 1980s, he was collectively the second most productive player After the charismatic Wayne Gretzk. In his first six seasons in NHL Happy, he always scored 100 points.He has been awarded a six-time nomination for the All Stars show. The jubilant legend is decorated with two gold and two silver from the Czech Republic in the jersey of Czechoslovakia, he is a double Olympian (in Lillehammer 1994 for Slovakia), he has won the Golden Hockey League of the best federal hockey player 1979/80 and three times declared him the best athlete of the Slovak Republic.

In a hundred federal games he gave 51 goals, ten matches for a maple leaf and one captain of the Slovak representation in 31 fights of 20 goals. After the establishment of the Slovak Republic its hockey helped indisputably to a great extent fought from C-category MS back into the elite, where as the successor country remained Czech. Peter Happy played in the NHL for St. Petersburg.Louis Blues, Quebec Nordiques and New Jersey Devils. (Source: SITA) After completing his gaming career, he became the general manager of the Slovak republic, with two medals won in this position (Gold 2002 and Bronze 2003). In 2006 he ended up in GM’s position as a controversial critic of the then Slovak hockey boss Juraj Široký. He was very polarized at first, and later he divided the professional public and the players themselves into two camps. After the conflict that culminated in several court actions, the Happy of Siena glorified Slovak hockey. In the following years, he set out on the path of politics and came to the European Parliament, the MEP for ten years (2004-2014).Read also: Read: Your hockey on two continents will be introduced by Peter Šťastný all over Slovakia

The two of his sons, Yan and Paul, also came to NHL. Both are American representatives, Yan played in the past for Edmonton, Boston and St. Louis. Louis and is currently trying to return to the profile when he got the invitation from the Blues to the preparatory camp. Paul belongs to the team of “bluesman” among the main offensive support, before he was Colorado.