Matching Nora with the Czech team hurt, stob Brabec got a blow to the teeth

Czech players on Friday won an important qualification win over Norway 2: 1, but the game is a lot of hurt. The opponent’s hardness was felt by the stoper Jakub Brabec, who was struck by the opponent in his teeth and took the broken lip from the match.

“My tooth hurts a little, but he holds, so good. said with a smile to journalists Brabec, who struck alternating Adam Diomande elbow.

The match on the challenging terrain, which complicated the rain with snow, suits him. “For the defender, in addition to my type, it is of course better for such a match, one more than the attacking players, I was more in the balls, a lot in duels, but it is important to win the contests,” he said.

“It was very demanding.Terrain and gameplay seemed more like English football. It was a lot of battles and it made it difficult for us to play the ball more “, added the defender of the Belgian Genk.

After the match Brabec was praised for the performance. vedonlyönti firmat I do not know when the fight fails, and the same when it’s better. I have heard some praise, but I do not bid much because I have to confirm it in the next match, “Brabec smiled.

He congratulated the Czech team for the difficult situation and the first prize in The qualifying group has revived the hope of progressing to the world championship. “Satisfaction is great. There was a lot of pressure on this game, and we all realized how important it was. It was obvious that we were totally concentrated.But there was no room for any big celebrations, it was just dinner and going to sleep, “Brabec said.

The Czech team is now losing second place, which can be a barrage, just two points. “To tell you the truth, I mobiili vedonlyönti bonukset have not even seen the table yet. We have to go on and on and take all three points that will be made available to us. “

The 24-year-old stoper only entered the third A-team match, but played the second “It would be nice if I stayed there, but I want to make the whole representation a success. Yesterday, she felt support from everyone, even from those who were on the bench.This is very important, “said Brabec.

On Tuesday, the last match of the match will be held this year, in preparation for Mladá Boleslav it will measure the strength with Denmark. ” I think there will be more football , They will not kick the balls so much. Against the Danes, we played at home for the European Championship last year, so we are curious to see the players from that team appear there, “Brabec added.

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