KRC Genk – Rapid Vídeň

Perhaps most puzzling unsolved situation in the main phase of the Champions League in the group F, which is a method of fighting all four units, and even after the fifth round may be decided by a single participant spring phase. In both cases it is very important engagement, in this case will be considered for moderate favorite Ghent, Belgium. He still scored six points and is on the leading position of the score before the second Bilbao, Austria’s Rapid has one point less and include him in fourth.

If he can win the domestic selection, he either grant procedure or has come largely approaches. Ties would not address anything, if they win the Austrian club would be the final round of very spicy. Belgian selection clashed with the Rapide at the outset and suffered defeat after ferocious Result 2: 3rd In the next two duels defeated the Italian Sassuolo 3: 1 and even Bilbao 2: 0, lost three weeks ago in Spain after hockey Results 3: 5th

Rapid contrary, only just won against Genk, subsequently succumbed Bilbao 0: 1 and Sassuolo broke twice amicably (1: 1 and 2: 2). The domestic competition is currently fifteen duels played up to fifth position with twenty points, the leaders Sturm Graz with Altach lost already formidable ten points. Genk belong in the Belgian league eighth place with twenty-four points behind leader Waregem falling behind by nine points, also there’s the best.

Genk has this year on the European scene one hundred percent home record, while in the previous five games at their own stadium won. “It’s certainly not the rule, and it can turn, now, would it happened in a very inconvenient time. The match with Rapid is for us to really key, we would have had a fortnight in Italy calm. Attention, we have to put on standard situations opponent and fast break, “he said with great solemnity KRC coach Peter Maes.

The home jersey would be in the eleven had to rediscover the Czech national team defender Jakub Brabec. “The form of Genk at home really commands respect and we must do everything we can to this its excellent balance broke. Finally, welcome to my absolute favorite group from Bilbao, Spain, so we need to score. The duel was really looking forward to miss definitely not a great atmosphere and even emotions, “said the coach with the expectation of Viennese choice Damir Canada.