He made a single goal. ManUtd won the derby at Liverpool

LIVERPOOL. Manchestra United football players triumphed in the 194th edition of the traditional island derby in the Premier League on FC Liverpool 1: 0.

The player managed a penalty 78 minutes into the game, after a right hand side resulted in Wayne Rooney who volunteered a superb form.Of his five goals in the last four duels, he had three winning flavors.

Both teams were tormented by a big lazaret of players, and they joined the meeting without any support, including the Slovak captain Martin Škrtel on the home side.

In the cautious introduction of the duel, they had a lesser predominance on the “Red Devil”, but in the improvised set they did not push forward and defecated in the defensive.

Liverpool has been trying to use it with increasing time, and although he has had a number of dangerous shooting attempts, De Ge’s gate did not endanger him.

While the homeplayers were simply moving forward, the guests were missing a spark, they worked impassively in the middle of the field, and in the wings were in harmony.

After changing sides, the image of the game changed.

Both teams increased their turn, pushing more often than their opponent’s sixth and creating several goal chances.

For “The Reds” he could decide with a firing shot of Firmino, but he did not exactly shuffle off the big Martial.

About the fate of the game decided 78.minute.

The Blind center from the corner placed Fellaini’s head into the bracelet, and Rooney scanned it coldly.

The historically best gunner of the English team has achieved another career milestone.

He scored his 175th goal for United in the Premier League and overcame the legendary Arsenal gunner Thierry Henry in a number of accurate hits in a club competition.

“I did not know about it, it’s beautiful when someone overcomes a record, but after a long time I scored the goal for Anfielde, plus the winner, and that will greatly help my self-confidence. .It is always a huge prestige for both clubs and fans, “said Sky Sport Rooney in the first interview.

At another meeting, Arsenal footballers did not use the opportunity to build a Premier League lead. P> After Saturday’s leap of the second Leicester City on the last Aston Villa (1: 1) they could lead the table with two points, but Stoke only fired a ball-free draw. FULL-TIME: Stuns of an entertaining 90 minutes despite the ending score Goalless #SCFC 0-0 #AFC pic.twitter.com/kvVHejITKD – Stoke City FC (@stokecity) January 17, 2016 Premier League – 22nd Round: