He did not play at first. Haraslin shines in the Polish league

WARSAW. Slovak footballer Lukáš Haraslín shot two goals in Ekstrakla in Poland. In the sixth round they decided to win Lechie Gdansk over Górnik Leczna 3: 1.

A nineteen-year-old Slovak junior representative first opened the score in the lead time of the first half. After 55 minutes, the winning score was 2 – 1.

“I am very happy to have scored also against Leczne, but the most important thing is that we have finally won.” Forty thousand stadiums were not sold out, but the atmosphere was fantastic, “said Haraslin for the official website of its Central Delegation Sport Management.

The Friday match did not last. After 70 minutes, Bruno Nazario was awarded a free kick. “I got a convulsion,” he explained the reason for early departure.Out of the match.

Former Italian Parma has scored three goals in two league games in the Polish League. It was not easy at the beginning of the surgery. In the first championship duels he did not even appear in the nomination for the match.

“I was doing my training, I started to play, and it broke in early August, when I scored 2 goals and I played at four,” recalled Lechia Gdansk B over KS Chwaszczyno 7-0.

“Since then, I believe we will work,” Haraslin added. Haraslin chased both to the wailing, and Kuświk szuka forms. “We did not win the games, Lukáš got the chance and took advantage of it.At the beginning of the season, he did not appear in the nominations, but he was incredibly hard at the training and was very good at the meetings for our reserve team, “said Jerzy Brzeczek, coach of the team.

” That is why he entered the first team. As well as in the match against Wisle Krakow, he is now playing a good match and enrolled in the list of shooters. Everybody in the club hopes he will continue to do so. “

For Lechiu, Friday’s victory was the first in the season, after the six rounds of the new year it is still the twelfth cross. >

/ home team played Haraslin in 70 minutes and scored two goals /