Genoa CFC – Città di Palermo

Genoa footballers welcome at Luigi Ferraris stadium hopelessly last Palermo. Sicilanům benefit neither yet another coaching change and Genoa will be in a position to clear underdog. However, they want to surprise and finally cut off devítizápasovou string of defeats.

But first the home. Genoa has once again demonstrated that he can beat anyone at home. From the fortress named Marassi time she left empty-handed in solid form playing Fiorentina, which fell after a single goal Darko Lazovic. Grifo home record is excellent, the last five games just four wins and one draw. Genoa also belongs to the four teams that did not lose at home yet. Apart from them, it has so far managed Juventus, Fiorentina and Rome.

Domestic Series, of course positively reflected in the table, on the other hand it out much worse and that is why they are Grifové up to tenth place. Now this would be like to pilot a Croatian Jurica change dramatically and start earning points out. In this round clash with Genoa and Palermo anything other than three points is expected.

Palermo is doing is disastrous. Would not be able to win or even score points and his situation at the bottom of the league table is beginning to be critical. Especially when their domestic performances managed Empoli, which has at the moment at Palermo had eight-point lead.

Genoa will have to do without offensive aces Pavolettiho, it is on one side of the big loss, the second is but one. It hosts the affair is much fuller, health problems have Marson, Rajkovic, Giuliano, Gonzalez, Lo Faso and EMBAL.