FC Crotone – Atalanta Bergamo 1:3

The last position of the table remains Crotone. Rookie league because of botched first half ultimately lost to Atalanta Bergamo 1: 3rd Bergamaschi scored goals all over possession. In the second act gets lost excluded Franck Kessiého but Crotone it sustained the only correct.

Crotone was really disastrous start. Cordaz still in the first chance he could dispose of Gomez’s attempt from a small box, but then he fished the ball out of the net. Andrea petanque rid of the defending opponent and had plenty of time to think about what you would do with a balloon. He chose self-closing and did well against Cordaz his shot was not entitled and led Atalanta 1: 0th After half an hour the game had both teams after one enormous opportunities. The former Atalanta ended on a stick and the other sent Trotta just next door.

In the 40th minute guests were leading 2: 0th Centered on the balloon to a small lime jumped Jasmin Kurtič and Cordaz was no chance. By the Bergamaschi’s still not all. In the first minute setting showed excellent action Alejandro Gomez, who sniffed balloon and then a well placed shot a third and decisive overcame Cordaze.

Atalanta were clearly poised to win, but 63 minutes into the game unnecessarily complicated. Franck Kessim performed open-foot kick and stupid judges awarded him the red card. Roughly half hour outnumbered Crotone managed to capitalize only once. In the end the visitors’ defenders failed to avert a dangerous cross, he still přizvedla contrary to free Simeon Tochukwu Nwankwo and the results were finalized 1: 3 in terms of home.