Events in the Czech Republic in 2015. World Hockey, European Athletics, Young Football

After 11 years, the world championship of hockey players is coming back to the Czech Republic. After 37 years, the European Athletics Championship will be held again in Prague. And for the first time there will be a football Euro, although “only” in the age of 21. We have something to look forward to. For example, Voráček, Židlický, Maslák, Hejnová, Krejčí and other Czech sports stars can be seen at home in the fight for prestigious titles.

Hockey: Esem should be Jewish

It is just these days that they decide how strong the Czechs will be at home in the ice hockey championship. Coach Vladimir Ruzicka is in New York and from tomorrow he starts a “marathon” of eight NHL matches in 11 days.The goal is obvious: meet the potential Czech aces for Prague and make sure they are willing to come.

As Jaromir Jagr decides, he does not know yet – if he keeps the word from the last championship, the representation is for him Already closed chapter in his extraordinary hockey record. It may be that the faces of the team will be a defender: Růžička enormously counts on the participation of Yagar’s teammate from New Jersey Mark Židlický. He is clearly the best offensive of the Czech Republic. Its services can be extremely valuable.

And other rows? Under the edge of the play-off, the King of NHL Productivity is still Jakub Voracek, a potential assault superstar.Ondrej Pavelec is probably on the edge of the course.

Athletics: Return of Marods

On the contrary, the stars of the national team for the European championship under the roof are clear. But in what form? Tahákem is the return of last year’s marods from the coach group Kupka: defender of the title for 400 meters Pavla Masláka and on the same track also Zuzana Hejnová.

Spartak and Sparrow can only watch, the only useable halls in Finland . Yet even in technical disciplines, the Czechs will offer O2arene medal candidates: Kudlička aPtáčníková and Koula Prášila.

Football: The reinforcements will come from the aka

Football players? Young Euro players will probably strengthen players such as Pavel Kadeřábek, Ladislav Krejci, Matěj Vydra or Václav Kadlec, who are still in their twenties. Their release for junior football is still unconfirmed, but according to all statements it is very likely.

“The aim is the medal and the 2016 Olympics,” says former team coach Josef Pešice, who for the team does Observer.Greater football tournament has never been organized by the Czech Republic, and who knows if it will ever be because there are no stadiums in the country. The Champions League will take place in June in Prague, Olomouc and Uherské Hradiště. “The Czech Republic will become the main European football stadium for three weeks,” said Petr Fousek, head of the organizing committee. For example, Manchester United’s Luke Shaw, who has experience from the standings, should not miss the English jersey.

This is not all

International sports delicacies will offer the Czech Republic By 2015 much more. In January, Tábor hosts a cyclocross MS. Unfortunately, without an advocate of Zdeněk Štybar’s title, but with an old-age Catherine Nash.In May, speed canoeists headed by Josef Dostál will compete at the European Championship in Račice.

World Cups will have biathlonists or water slaloms in the Czech Republic. Atletická Zlatá tretra to Ostrava again brings usaina bolta and title from the World circuit will be defended in Prague by beach volleyball players Kolocova and Sluková.
The year full of great sport in the Czech Republic is just beginning.