Dundalk FC – AZ Alkmaar

In group D had three teams are fighting vigorously to advance to the spring phase of the Europa League and now at each other in a straight fight footballers hit the Irish Dundalk with the Dutch Alkmaar. Favorite for the procedure will be visiting a selection, but the Irish rookie yet truly demonstrates excellent performance and has repeatedly demonstrated that it is very dangerous. Dundalk is a far third with four points on the score for Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv, AZ is the fourth and last with two points.

Domestic selection immediately upon its premiere won the tie, though with great happiness uhrál point after a draw 1: 1st Equalizing goal scored in the 89th minute Ciarán Kilduff. “In this match we were still close to victory and it is a great pity that we lead lost it. Now we are in a much better position, so we have a knife to your throat. I sincerely hope that this time we will not disappoint and will be credited to account three important points,” AZ said strategist John van den Brom.

Dundalk then surprised Maccabi after winning 1: 0, showed a brave performance against highly favored Zenit St Petersburg, who both succumbed identically tightest ratio of 1: 2nd As one of the few clubs have finished the league this season, finally he was able to defend the title with seventy-seven points ahead of second Cork City vtvořil a seven-point lead. AZ as a single unit has ever won Group D and too much he could not even in the league.

Alkmaar in the Eredivisie is currently in fifth place with twenty points and fight for the title he begin to recede. Before Thursday’s rehearsal only tied with last Rodou after the result 1: 1st EL in the group stage suffered a major debacle 0: 5 zenith with Maccabi in two encounters uhrál single point. Guests need to maintain hope of a possible take at least a point but that would probably not enough to advance.

“Our task is to win, now would be a three-point gain gold price. We are well aware that Dublin had us expecting a cakewalk, our opponent perfectly handles the tactical instructions and is extremely dangerous from set pieces, which points along the course. The role of a slight favorite we register, but I expect a balanced duel, which can decide the little things, “he said with a heavy dose of caution padesátiletý van den Brom. Dundalk was recently revealed in a competitive match in the finals of the National Cup, where they lost to Cork City 0: 1 in overtime.