Dakar is approaching the final. Prokop and Klymčiw are within reach of elite dozens

Martin Prokop’s car rider Dakar rallyed for the second time in a top ten. Following Thursday’s ninth place on the 292-kilometer test between San Juan and Río Cuarto in Argentina, he took a tenth time and in the overall classification he jumped pre-13th to 11th. Also, the motorcyclist Ondřej Klymčiw, who took 16th place and overall is the twelfth, helped the motorcyclist.

On Saturday there are only 64 kilometers measured and Klymčiv, 31, is still in the top ten game. In tenth place he loses only a minute and seven seconds. Prokop from the same partition divides almost six minutes.

Klymčiw is close to satisfakci for the past year, which ended him after a serious injury.At the Premier Premiere in football bets online South America, he took the 20th place. Prokop also reaches its peak, ending the fourteenth day of the debut.

The thirteenth overall leader is Stéphane Peterhansel. In the 11th stage he lost a French duel with Peugeot team-mate Sébastien Loeb, but only 18 seconds and on Saturday he will defend five and a half minutes. Bambooists are heading to the triumph of the twenty-seven-year-old Brit Sam Sunderland, The fifth stage and will go to the final with more than half an hour’s lead. The Dakar Rally starts third and not yet finished. The Rallye Dakar:

Cars (759 / measured 292 km) were won by Portugalo Paulo Goncalves for the first time this year with 288 km long test. 1.Loeb, Elena (Fr., Mon./Peugeot) 3:21:15, 2. Peterhansel, Cottret (Fr./Peugeot) -18, 3. Terranova, Schulz (ARG. ,…10.

Motorcycles (754 km / 288 km): 1. Goncalves (Português / Honda) 18:47 2. Barreda (Spain / Honda) -1: 09 3. Van Beveren (Fr./Yamaha) -2: 38,…16. Klymčiw (CZ / Husqvarna) -20: 30, 26. Engel -35: 37, 59. Pabiška (both CR / KTM) -1: 28: 41, 71. Vlček (CZ / Husqvarna)

Trucks (754 km / 288 km) 85. Lhotský (CR / KTM) -2: >: 1. Nikolayev (Rus./Kamaz) 3:56:47, 2. Villagra (Arg./Iveco) -52, 3. Mardejev -9: 53,…7. Loprais (CZ / Tatra) -20: 04, 8. Macik (Czech Republic / Liaz) -25: 58.

Quadricycles (754 km / 288 km) (Russian / Yamaha) 3:58:22, 2.

Domaszewski (Pol./Honda) -20: 41, 3. Sonic (Pol./Yamaha) -23: 49.

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