Cibulkova: I’m energized before the new season

BRATISLAVA. Slovak tennis unit Dominika Cibulkova returned from a month-long preparation in the Czech Republic last Thursday, and after four days with her family in Bratislava she was heading to Australia for the first time in the season.

“Once a junior, I was 14 years old, I spent Christmas away from the family in Mexico. I was very best betting site offers sad at the time. I said that it should never be repeated again, “recalled the 18th World Ranking Player.

“Now I have survived with my next beautiful holidays and before I’m new year I’m full of energy.” Florida is a hard robot

When you bet offers ask Dominique what she thinks about 2011, the answer is clear.

“Moscow.In the Russian capital I won my first WTA tournament in October at the end of the season, “said a 22-year-old tennis player. “It was about time. Until then, I often listened to questions: When will you win the premiere title? Since the tournament in Moscow I have room. The first pride gave me a new sense of training. “

Preparing for Florida at the Chris Evert academy she graduated from Cibulkova for the third year in a row. At Boca Raton, she met with an 18-time Grand Slam tournament winner.

Dominika this time supplemented her team alongside coach Željka Krajan and fitness specialist Dejan Vojnovič, as well as sparring partner Petr Miklušičák and physiotherapist Marián Drinka.

“It was a hard robot.I believe it will bring me benefits, “Cibulkova said. “In the end, I was in good shape during the training sessions.” After a full day of training, she did not even dream of going to the nearby Florida Panthers NHL, he preferred to take a break. Even for a few days with his family in Slovakia, he worked well after training. Voice would give Chárová Cibulková finished in the 7th place at the Športovec roku Slovenska in Slovakia, but for the late return home the ceremony failed. Also the price for Slovakian Tennis Player of the year 2011 was taken over.

“I’m glad that for the third time I’ve been among the top ten of our athletes,” she returned to the poll.

“I thought Chara hockey player would win it.I do not know personally, but I know what a great deal he did in the sport world when he brought Boston to the Stanley Cup championship. “New Year in Brisbane

New Year will be welcomed by Cibulka and his team in Brisbane. Grandslam’s Australian Open again plans for Sydney tournament. From last season, he defends points for the quarter-finals in Brisbane and Sydney and the 3rd.Round in Melbourne.

“If I could repeat the results, it would be nice,” said a tennis player known for her coercion from the base line and the fence. “But I want more to move.”

In the quadrench, she should go to the tournament with the countryman Janette Husarova if they will have enough high retirement together to get to the main competition.

Cibulka played 22 tournaments in the last season, not thinking about big changes.True, the Olympics will bring a medal tournament under five circles on grass in Wimbledon.

“After the final Wimbledon quarterfinals, I’m full of expectations for the Olympic tournament,” she said, looking at one of the summits of the year. “I feel like I have a good chance with my game.”

Cibulka was in July 2009 at the 12th place of WTA’s retirement. The goals for the new season are cautious, he does not like big statements. “I will be happy to finish 2012 better than this when I am eighteen,” she added.

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