Cibulkova defeated Sharapova, because it was better, not for her injury

A great movement, hard forehand and especially patience decorate performances Dominika Cibulkova at the Australian Open.

Our tennis player playing bravely and increasingly in the currency starts to remember life form. However great the second and third round, which has lost only two gems, multiplied decommissioning Marie Šarapovovej.

One could argue that the Russian tennis player struggled injured hip, but it had great merit Slovakia game units.

“During the match, Maria is moving well.She took over the second set time for treatment because she wanted to change the tempo of the game, but I stayed focused, “Cibulkova spoke to

Praise your Cibulkova deserves particular because it does not play unnecessarily at risk than in the past when everyone wants forehand “kill” the winning blow. Against former world number one played sensibly, great read that Russia is more nervous, of which resulted ultimately the win.

“The crucial thing was that I was confident about myself. Maria I have climbed the Grand Slam, so I know that I can again prove.I was about stopercetne believes “Bratislavčanka spoke in an interview with Eurosport.

The earnest performance Cibulková evidenced by the fact that it did in the deciding set only four Unforced errors, compared to nineteenth Sharapova.

The winner of a perfectly adjusted statistics. For the last year she won the Grand slams together four games, now has them already after the first. Praised coach

The official website Australian Open praise Cibulková coach Mateja Liptáka for how managed to find a balance between its excellent forehand svěřenkyni and effective defensive.

“It’s exactly what a coach to work with.Last year I thought Matej wants to change my game that I play less aggressive. But that was not his plan, just wanted to improve my defensive. I learned better to switch from defense to attack, “saying dvadsaťštyriročná tennis player.

As the first Slovakian to reach each of the Big Four tournament quarterfinals. Yet it has never been in the elite ten.

In the final Cibulkova waiting in a momentary aug stronger than Sharapova. Simona Halep is the last year the tennis player that most improve.

Romanian-year old won the season 2013 six tournaments and the WTA rankings after Australian Open premiered fight your way into the elite ten.Respect and raises its last set in the fourth round against Deer Jankovic. Eight Ball Tournament nadeline an overview canary.

“In the quarterfinal Grand Slam I have not been. I can play relaxed, which is my advantage, “said Halep. Cibulkova take care of surprise (USA): “Cibulkova Sharapova sent off.The day after the shocking victory over Ana Ivanovic and Serena Williams took care of another spray contamination surprises. “ (USA):” After having chosen before the third setom break for the treatment of hip, Sharapova immediately lost her service in this act, ultimately made seven double faults. “

Tennis World (Tal.):” Tiny dynamo sent Sharapova Bali. The third set was directed Cibulková, which burned’winnery’ and perfectly defended. “ (CZE):” Another big name disappears from the spider.Cibulkova beat Sharapova at Roland Garros and 2009, and now, thanks to the victory in the first round of initial Grand Slam tournament of the season. “

Gazeta (Rus.):” Disappointment and pain Sharapova. After exclusion Serena while many experts used to stand the role of the adepts for the title. “

L’Equipe (France),” Sharapova fell! In the third set he remained without weapons. Conversely, Cibulkova was well on his feet and worked on their points. Competition women underwent a second shock for the same number of days. “ (Nem.):” Cibulkova your personal complete the Grand Slam.Now he has to account for at least q of each major event. “ (Aus.)” Sharapova too short for Cibulkova, who grown up and reached one of its most impressive triumphs on the Grand Slam stage. Number of former víťaziek this tournament in’pavúku’ was reduced to one. “

The Age (Aus.):” Unsportsmanlike conduct? Dominika Cibulková would like to know the definition of this phrase. It was, however, convinced that Maria Šarapovová forced her to wait for her service as often beyond their means, and it evoked suspicion of ulterior motives. “(Sieve)