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Shocking triumph of twenties: The youngsters decided to win over Skalica in four minutes!

BRATISLAVA – Zverenci Ernest Bokros decided to win their unexpected victory within four minutes of the first third. In the 5th minute after the unskilled Skillman Skalicans opened the score Horanský, who from the rings shot down Lipovsky – 1: 0.

The game has also been offered to young men, but this time Lipovsky has gathered at the Rzavsky ride. The second goal, however, did not leave for a long wait. In the 9th minute the puck hit the left side of Mlynčár, he played in front of the goal and uncovered sports betting offers Koyš overcame the Skalický goalkeeper – 2: 0.

best online betting offers the first part of the game, they have taken the initiative of the hockey player from Záhorie. At 34.min. Preisinger was almost excited about two and a half minutes later. The goalkeepers were still looking for Kuhlhu and the goal again did not fall. At the very end of the second part, he pushed forward to Lipovský Tibensky but did not score the third goal of the home team. In the 47th minute the “twenty” players had another big chance to increase the lead but Luza hesitated too long for the shooting. Skalica scored a goal in the 55th minute when Kutálek’s shot ran into the Stieler net – 2: 1. In the 59th minute, the Scholar could match, but it did not happen. Even the final power-play did not help the favorite just to gain a point. On the contrary, ten seconds before the end, the ambitious young man secured the winning Gašpar insurance.

HK Orange 20 – HK 36 Skalica 3: 1 (2: 0, 0: 1)
Goals: 5. Horanský (R. Gašpar, Rzavský), 9. P.Koyš (Mlynčár, Minárik), 60.

R. Gašpar (Luža, Tibenský) – 55. Stieler (Kutálek, Staňo)
Shots: 7: 5 in 2 min, power play: 0: 0, weaknesses: 0: 0 .

HK Orange: R. Sabol – Gachulinec, Palovič, Dinda, Rusina, E. Černák, Valjent, Luža, Bačik – Rzavský, R. Gašpar, Horanský – Tibenský, / p>

HK Skalica: Lipovský – Ketner, Vyrúbalík, M. Srnec, L. Kozák, Staňo, Barák, Kalinic, Stirner, Oberealek – Šátek, Preisinger, Kutálek – M. Romančík, Jankovič, B. Mráz

Ernest Bokros (coach HK Orange 20): “For today’s performance, matches, boys deserve praise.The victory in today’s duel deserve. We were very helpful in the opening third, in which we scored two goals. The boys widened their wings and had a greater taste for victory. From our point of view, the third third was important, in which we defended three weaknesses and I also have to pick up the Sabola goalkeeper. “

Stephen Mega (assistant coach Skalice): “After the previous twenties, we knew that a very difficult match was waiting for us, which was confirmed. After the difficult game in Banská Bystrica in the first third, we were tired in the first third, which the young representatives used to score two goals.We have started playing three-fifths since the second game, but it did not help. The opponent was the better the whole game, he was corrupting us. At the end of the press, we did not have enough experience. Congratulations to the victor. “

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Licking hockey? Spectators want more points, says Raw

BRATISLAVA. The home is easily losing what they work hard on the opponents’ skis. Hockey players in Bratislava this season KHL are paying for the loss of their fans.

“At home, we want to play offensive, to make, to score goals immediately. But in hockey it is necessary to defend well in the first place, to play patiently, then to think of the attack, “says Slovan Jaroslav Janus.

” Sometimes we open the game unnecessarily, and that is what makes us fight.They play against high-quality teams that can use it, “he adds. In the cabin Slovan came out in the second half of October on his rivals, won three games in a row, and in the last few days he was expecting three home fights against the papier

The Germans have had a better chance of settling into playoff positions, but instead of disappointing – losing to Novosibirsk and after poor performance especially with Chabarovsky, currently the weakest KHL team.

Coach Petri Matikainen admitted that he has not grown much since. Meetings, video analyzes, teasing.Several players indicated that the cab was heavy, but the details were silent. “What’s going on in the cab is left in the cabin,” respondent Tomáš Surový responded.

The mobilization took place, Slovan showed excellent two-thirds against Vladivostok on Sunday and won 4: 1. We could not afford to play three games in a row, “Janus admitted. “We wanted to make fans happy. If we played three games, it would be bad. Enough of what we did the two previous ones, “he added.Continuation of this article belongs to the premium content You can also be its subscribers Annual subscription 29 € Order Save up to 17,80 € compared to the monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Order Save 1,80 € compared to monthly subscription Monthly subscription From 0,98 € Order Price 0,98 € is valid for new subscribers the first month. The other months are for a standard price of 3.90 €.I have a subscription – sign up With a subscription you get: unlimited access to the content of, and more than 20 year archive reading and interviews from attachments TV OKO / TV SVET, Weekend and Forum unlimited number Unlimited access to videos and Slovak movies at available on PC and in Android and iPhone apps The article continues to be included in the premium content of Unlock this article 0.50 € Unlock After payment, the article will be unlocked for a few seconds and you can continue Reading Annual subscription 29 € Order Save up to 17,80 € compared to monthly subscription Monthly p Downloadable 3,90 € Order I have a subscription – subscribe You get the subscription with: unlimited access to the content of, and more than 20 year old archive reading and interviews from attachments TV OKO / TV SVET , Weekend and Forum unlimited unlimited access to videos and Slovak movies at available on PC and on Android and iPhone apps

Cibulkova: I’m energized before the new season

BRATISLAVA. Slovak tennis unit Dominika Cibulkova returned from a month-long preparation in the Czech Republic last Thursday, and after four days with her family in Bratislava she was heading to Australia for the first time in the season.

“Once a junior, I was 14 years old, I spent Christmas away from the family in Mexico. I was very best betting site offers sad at the time. I said that it should never be repeated again, “recalled the 18th World Ranking Player.

“Now I have survived with my next beautiful holidays and before I’m new year I’m full of energy.” Florida is a hard robot

When you bet offers ask Dominique what she thinks about 2011, the answer is clear.

“Moscow.In the Russian capital I won my first WTA tournament in October at the end of the season, “said a 22-year-old tennis player. “It was about time. Until then, I often listened to questions: When will you win the premiere title? Since the tournament in Moscow I have room. The first pride gave me a new sense of training. “

Preparing for Florida at the Chris Evert academy she graduated from Cibulkova for the third year in a row. At Boca Raton, she met with an 18-time Grand Slam tournament winner.

Dominika this time supplemented her team alongside coach Željka Krajan and fitness specialist Dejan Vojnovič, as well as sparring partner Petr Miklušičák and physiotherapist Marián Drinka.

“It was a hard robot.I believe it will bring me benefits, “Cibulkova said. “In the end, I was in good shape during the training sessions.” After a full day of training, she did not even dream of going to the nearby Florida Panthers NHL, he preferred to take a break. Even for a few days with his family in Slovakia, he worked well after training. Voice would give Chárová Cibulková finished in the 7th place at the Športovec roku Slovenska in Slovakia, but for the late return home the ceremony failed. Also the price for Slovakian Tennis Player of the year 2011 was taken over.

“I’m glad that for the third time I’ve been among the top ten of our athletes,” she returned to the poll.

“I thought Chara hockey player would win it.I do not know personally, but I know what a great deal he did in the sport world when he brought Boston to the Stanley Cup championship. “New Year in Brisbane

New Year will be welcomed by Cibulka and his team in Brisbane. Grandslam’s Australian Open again plans for Sydney tournament. From last season, he defends points for the quarter-finals in Brisbane and Sydney and the 3rd.Round in Melbourne.

“If I could repeat the results, it would be nice,” said a tennis player known for her coercion from the base line and the fence. “But I want more to move.”

In the quadrench, she should go to the tournament with the countryman Janette Husarova if they will have enough high retirement together to get to the main competition.

Cibulka played 22 tournaments in the last season, not thinking about big changes.True, the Olympics will bring a medal tournament under five circles on grass in Wimbledon.

“After the final Wimbledon quarterfinals, I’m full of expectations for the Olympic tournament,” she said, looking at one of the summits of the year. “I feel like I have a good chance with my game.”

Cibulka was in July 2009 at the 12th place of WTA’s retirement. The goals for the new season are cautious, he does not like big statements. “I will be happy to finish 2012 better than this when I am eighteen,” she added.

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Can skate like a horse. The Story of the Speaker, who drives Crosby

BRATISLAVA. When he came to the NHL, he wanted to go against the idol of childhood Jaromir Jágr. His dream was fulfilled. What’s more, he later played with him in one team and attack. Czech hockey player Jakub Voracek.

“He has talent. He is strong on skates, he can skate like a horse. That’s his advantage, strength and speed, “Jaromír Jágr said about it.

Voráček was born just like Jagr in Kladno. He does not remember much about the legendary striker in the club jersey. There is more than a 17-year age difference between both.

“I think I had a Jaromir Jágra poster as a five year old. When he was lockout in the NHL in 1994, the first Kladno team was trained. My father was with the players, and he took me on ice with Jagr.I remember a little, “he told twenty-five-year-old right wing.

The unusual Vorachek talent has noticed the coaches already in puberty. Some age ranks with great ease.

In the 13 years he played with eighteen years old, at the age of fifteen for the first time in the highest Czech junior competition. When he was sixteen, he played one duel for the senior team in Kladno in extralige. Czech Forsberg

Before the 2006/07 season, a talented striker went to the Canadian junior competition QMJHL. He showed great potential again.

In the Halifax jersey, Mooseheads won 86 points in the first year of the 59 baseball matches. In twelve play-off duels he added another 24.

“Training such a player is a joy.Every day he comes to a smile on his face. He can not say anything, he’s a complete hockey player, “said Camille Russell, a former coach of Halifax, for the official NHL web site.

When the Mooseheads were deposed from the playoffs, Your acquaintance. I was surprised by many of the answers.

“I would have compared him to a player like Peter Forsberg. Nothing can be intimidated. It brings the necessary technique and the desire to win. There really is not much to be done about improving.Essential will gain experience, “Russell said.

After the strong years of 2004 and 2005, when the teams drafted from the first places of Sidney Crosby and Alexandra Ovechkin, he did not have a clear favorite for the second time in a row. > Voráček was in the top ten in forecasts for overseas logos, portals and scouts before the 2007 draft. The prestigious magazine The Hockey News put him in fourth place.

“Who showed the greatest sympathy? I really do not know. I have no ideal club. It really does not matter where. To tell the truth, I do not care. But I would like to go where I have the best chance of pushing. That’s clear, “said Voráček for

One thing you liked. “New York Rangers.Jarda Jagr plays there and is what to watch, “he added.

The draft was dominated by American strikers Patrick Kane, James van Riemsdyk and Kyle Turris. The teams chose them from the top three positions. “I was not nervous for a long time, but when I sat in the hall and the first round started, it did not pay for it. Tension has emerged, that’s clear. The man is going through it and waiting for everything to happen.As soon as my name rang, I was unquestionably happy, “he told a bronze medalist from the World Series of Poker until 18 years in 2006. Voráček and Blue Jackets agreed a few days after the draft on the conditions of a three-year rookie contract.

“The decision to leave to play in North America in the seventeen years demonstrates his great desire to move into the NHL. We are really happy to have it under contract, “said Columbus General Manager Scott Howson in a TSN interview.

One of the most talented Czech hockey players has been heading back to the junior competition after the draft. In Halifax he had another great year.

In 53 duels he scored 101 points, out of which 33 goals. He has played 15 matches with five goals and 13 assists in the play-off.It was his last junior season.

He made a single goal. ManUtd won the derby at Liverpool

LIVERPOOL. Manchestra United football players triumphed in the 194th edition of the traditional island derby in the Premier League on FC Liverpool 1: 0.

The player managed a penalty 78 minutes into the game, after a right hand side resulted in Wayne Rooney who volunteered a superb form.Of his five goals in the last four duels, he had three winning flavors.

Both teams were tormented by a big lazaret of players, and they joined the meeting without any support, including the Slovak captain Martin Škrtel on the home side.

In the cautious introduction of the duel, they had a lesser predominance on the “Red Devil”, but in the improvised set they did not push forward and defecated in the defensive.

Liverpool has been trying to use it with increasing time, and although he has had a number of dangerous shooting attempts, De Ge’s gate did not endanger him.

While the homeplayers were simply moving forward, the guests were missing a spark, they worked impassively in the middle of the field, and in the wings were in harmony.

After changing sides, the image of the game changed.

Both teams increased their turn, pushing more often than their opponent’s sixth and creating several goal chances.

For “The Reds” he could decide with a firing shot of Firmino, but he did not exactly shuffle off the big Martial.

About the fate of the game decided 78.minute.

The Blind center from the corner placed Fellaini’s head into the bracelet, and Rooney scanned it coldly.

The historically best gunner of the English team has achieved another career milestone.

He scored his 175th goal for United in the Premier League and overcame the legendary Arsenal gunner Thierry Henry in a number of accurate hits in a club competition.

“I did not know about it, it’s beautiful when someone overcomes a record, but after a long time I scored the goal for Anfielde, plus the winner, and that will greatly help my self-confidence. .It is always a huge prestige for both clubs and fans, “said Sky Sport Rooney in the first interview.

At another meeting, Arsenal footballers did not use the opportunity to build a Premier League lead. P> After Saturday’s leap of the second Leicester City on the last Aston Villa (1: 1) they could lead the table with two points, but Stoke only fired a ball-free draw. FULL-TIME: Stuns of an entertaining 90 minutes despite the ending score Goalless #SCFC 0-0 #AFC – Stoke City FC (@stokecity) January 17, 2016 Premier League – 22nd Round:

Zagreb is also Monte Carlo skiing, Judges Zuzula

ZAHREB, BRATISLAVA. In the World Cup calendar, Zagreb is the only capital city in the country. In the past, only the Norwegian Oslo was praised by the metropolitan by a similar curiosity.

The main town of Croatia, until recently a non-Hellenic country, Janica Kostelica, was the host of the slalom world elite. Zagreb’s native managed to play so many trophies at a young age that the inclusion of the race in her “city” into the SP calendar since the 2004/05 season was a logical honor.

The same time, thanks to Ingemar Stenmark, he was given the tiny Swedish village of Tärnaby.Millions of Zagreb are at the opposite pole.

The Skeim hill, which means the peak in the translation, lies in the “bear” of the Medveschak mountain range, about twelve kilometers from the city center. However, we have a low hill: the start of the track called Red Creek is only 980 meters. Besides the ice-covered snow-covered track, it was not up anywhere after snow best betting offers or memorials.

The women’s slalom elite on Sljeme first time three years ago. He has been driving there every year. In the first year, the race was called the Golden Bear, then changed it to the current Snow Queen Trophy – the Snow Queen Trophy.Such a nickname in Croatia was given to Kostelic. “When I won here for the first time, I was a bear, now a snow queen again,” she laughed at Poutiainen’s misty tale.

In four years, only two racers have enjoyed the feel of the winners – except for Poutiainen (2005 and 2008), last year’s Austrian Marlies Schild. By the way, only those two slalomars on Friday night surpassed Veronika Zuzulova.

The race in the capital has considerable chaos for runners. Women with men are in limited capacities in Zagreb. Just for the ladies to be able to release the hotel rooms by the ladies, the women’s slalom was on the program on Friday and the men were on Sundays.I’m not going to be together on the iceberg season in Sölden and on its final climax (this winter near Bormio in Italy), but they are still congratulating. Because the whole “white circus” is in one hotel, and still in the five-star Westine in the city center.

“It’s also no good to have anywhere else. It is only overseas in Lake Louise, where sliding disciplines go, but I have not even competed there, “Zuzul says. Her father and coach Timothy Zuzula appreciates that joint housing allows much betting account offers closer contact with people in the ski world than is customary. “We can talk more freely and freely here. We are talking to colleagues only shattered on the hill. “

The care of the organizers for the teams, but also for the journalists, is in great style in Zagreb.The live anthem at the start of the race also has a charm. There is also an accompanying program at the city center. On Jelacic Square, where start numbers are needed, there was a “party” in front of the women’s and men’s races. For people who did not want to go down the hill on Friday, they prepared a program of aerobatic snorkeling at a break in the center of the metropolis!

On prisons, the first thirty-five on Friday amounted to 165,000 euros – more than anywhere else in the women’s SP races.Veronika was awarded a 15-thousand check for third place, winning up to 60-thousand euros!

“Zagreb is also Monte Carlo skiing,” judges Timothy Zuzula. Fresh “Snow Queen” Poutiainen again says: “Men have Kitzbühel and Schladming, we have a slither!” True, in the aforementioned Austrian resorts, visitors are able to attend one race from thirty to fifty thousand spectators. Women can only dream of it.

The Zagrebs were really looking forward to the premiere three years ago. Janica then ride, so more than twenty thousand spectators arrived at the first cup slalom on Sljeme. On Friday evening, they were around the track and only “ten” were in sight.

Still a lot, but two times less than two or three years ago.At the same time, the audience had home trains in the form of Any Jelušičová and Nika Fleissová. “Probably because Kostelic does not compete,” Zuzulov agreed. Croatian offshore “boss” Vedran Pavlek sees other reasons: “Friday is a working day and it was really cold. And the program is stretched. Most people have preferred male slalom on Sunday when there is a free day. “

When I first won, I was a bear, now a snow queen. Tanja Poutiainen, Finnish Ski

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Zuzula did not start the season. In Sölden it fell in the 1st round

Sölden. The entry into the 44th World Cup in alpine skiing Veronika Zuzulova was not on Saturday.

Finally, in the second round, he did not manage the bottom of the track, and the victory left Finn Tanja Poutiainen. Austria’s Kathrin Zettel with Rakesanka, who lost only one point, lost third place, Karbonová lost 32th in the third place.

The experienced 29-year-old boss has overtaken Kathrin Zettel’s one-hundredth of a second.

These racers have replaced the positions of the Rettenbach Glaciers a year ago when Zettel triumphed before Poutiainen.

“I was struggling to get a good result at the start of the season, but after the first round I did not think of winning. It all seems to me that I dream.In Sölden, I always wanted to win and only now, “T. Poutiainen said in a statement. Finnish Tanja Poutiainen had great joy after the race

The third ended in the current race with a distance of 32 hundredth Italy Denise Carbon, Who did not maintain a leadership position from the first round, but the hurricane suffered a heavy crash, but it also operated.

Her countryman, Manuela Moelgg, got worse, but she did not finish the second round after the first round.

Apparently the most prolific of all will be Sölden’s first mention of Austrian woman Nicole Hospo, for whom the Olympic season ended before it began.

Round and about fifty-meter “rolled” track, home-grown-up hopped off the front knee ligament in his right knee, and according to Herbert Mandl, chief executive of Austrian racer, she is waiting for her surgery and a few weeks off.

The stalemate also means that in January of this year in Zagreb it has sustained a similar injury, but for a change in the left knee.

“I kissed my knee and then I felt a stabbing pain,” she said before the air transport to Innsbruck N. Hospo. Nicole Hospo in the aftermath of a heavy fall

The champion of spinning disciplines, Poutiainen, after two second places in the seasonal upswing in Sölden finally won the triumph, nine in the World Cup and fourth in the huge slalom.

The figure was after 1.The third place in the round, the second time for the overall triumph was also the twelve fastest time. Just the racers who started in both rounds between the first ones had an advantage in the Saturday races, as the track was gradually breaking with the rising starting numbers.

The only one Slovakian Veronika Zuzulová has paid for it, and it was 71 with a high of 76 races after the fall did not finish the 1st round.

The Slovak slalom traveler traveled to Sölden with the basic ambition to win a competitive start in the new season as the conclusion of the previous premaroded and eventually had to undergo knee surgery.

Twenty-five-year-old Slovakian participated in the traditional seasonal upbringing for the fourth time.The maximum of these races in Sölden remains the 21st place two years ago.

On Sundays at 9:45 pm, Sölden has its opening slalom SP 2009/10 on men’s program. The Slovaks should start Jaroslav Babušiak. Results:

Huge Giant Slalom – 1st + 2nd Round: 1. Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 2: 24.96 min (1: 12.14 + 1: 12.82); Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) +0,01, 3. Denise Karbonová (Tal.) +0,32, 4. Tina Maze (Slovenia) +0,84, 5. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová + 88. 6. Anja Pärsonova (Sweden) +0.95, 7. Kathrin Hölzlová (DE) +1.20, 8. Viktoria Rebensburg (DE) +1.32, 9. Lindsey Vonnova (USA) +1 , 39, 10. Camilla Alfieri (Tal.) +1.47,…Veronika Zuzulova (SR) did not finish the 1st round.

1st Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 100 points, 2. Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) 80, 3.Denisa Karbonová (ITA) 60, 4. Tina Maze (Slovenia) 50, 5. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová (Sweden) 45, 6. Anja Pärsonová (Sweden) 40, 7. Kathrin Hölzlová (DE) 8. Viktoria Rebensburg (DE) 32, 9. Lindsey Vonn (USA) 29, 10. Camilla Alfieri (Tal.) 26.

1. Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 100 points, 2. Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) 80, 3. Denise Karbonová (Tal.) 60, 4. Tina Maze (Slovenia) 50, 5. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová 6. Anja Pärson (Sweden) 40, 7. Kathrin Hölzlová (Germany) 36, 8. Viktoria Rebensburg (DE) 32, 9. Lindsey Vonnová (USA) 29, 10. Camilla Alfieri (ITA)

From the square is the unit. The blade has a new role

BRATISLAVA, QUEBEC CITY. Jana Čepelová was originally the fourth player of the Slovak team in a rescue match in the World Cup group of the federation in Canada. When they denied the participation of Dominika Cibulková, Daniela Hantuchová and Magdalena Rybáriková, the 20-year-old Košičanka is suddenly a unit.

“I do not have a problem with this, so my legs do not crack,” said the world’s 52nd player. “I’m going like every other FedCup. If Captain Matej Lipták is nominated for singles and doubles, I will be ready to play three games in two days.

“Kurt sees it

Clash Canada – Slovakia is playing on Saturday and Sunday, tomorrow they need a meeting schedule. Karolina Schmiedlová (68.In WTA), Kristína Kučová (137th) and the specialist specialist Janette Husárová (47th in the Fourth).

“After the green clay tournament in Charleston, I used to get used to a hard surface in Quebec,” Cepel said. “We’ve been training since Tuesday on a central court in Laval University. The surface is similar to the Bratislava NTC.She is quite comfortable with me. “

She was the first WTA finals two weeks ago at the Charlestone tournament, the tennis world shocked her victory over Serena Williams.

“The victory over the world unit has added more confidence to me, but somebody reminds me of it again,” said a talented Slovakian tennis player. “But now I’m concentrating on the Cup of the Federation.” Eageny Bouchard leads the Canadian Eight Games, with Sharon Fichman, Alexandra Wozniak, Gabriela Dabrowska.

“Home fans are favorites, and their fans will be under pressure,” said Čepelová, who, as a unit, will start on Saturday’s double against a pair of Canadian team. “Although Fichman has a higher renking, I’m sure he will best online betting offers build the experienced Wozniak – even though he is in the rankings after being injured in the second hundred.I expect that all will be balanced matches. “

In Quebec, the Slovaks conjure up a good atmosphere in the group, although the outdoors are still cold. It was snowing Tuesday, yesterday morning in the city, minus 5 degrees Celzia. The Slovak expedition expects the Slovak tennis players to come to the triple-dollar point of view, with 50 tickets for them.

Matches broadcast live RTVS on Two. Saturday at 22.00, Sunday at 22.40.

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What should you know when going to France?

Due to the increased security measures, several-stage checks are planned.

“I recommend taking sufficient time to get to the stadium. If you have to pay attention to the ticket, UEFA will in no circumstances issue substitutes, “said Marek Majerčák, contact coordinator of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ).

It is good to study what you can not take to the stadium. It will be clearly listed at the entrances and you can place the illegal items in mobile safes at each entry.

Also a more spacious baggage (for example, a 25 x 25 x 25 cm backpack is considered to be an overdrive baggage) Stadium and will not be able to keep it at the gate.It is necessary to follow steward’s instructions and stadium security instructions. The look is not allowed to mask your face. Read also: Read also: Fans are careful. Tickets to the EURO is still enough Public transport

Fans with tickets to ME matches can use free public transport on the day of the match in the host cities. Checks at the border

The entire length of the border will be guarded, Fans traveling to France must prepare for random checks.

There are a risk of collisions at border crossings and considerable delays.France is restoring the internal Schengen borders during the championship, so it is necessary to have a travel document – an OP or a passport and get ready for a check. Threat strikes

Due to the global security situation associated with terrorism, Even bigger The article continues to belong to the premium content of You can also be its subscribers Annual subscription 29 € Order Save up to 17,80 € compared to the monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Order Save 1,80 € compared to monthly subscription Monthly subscription from 0,98 € Order Price 0,98 € salary For new subscribers for the first month. The other months are for a standard price of 3.90 €.I have a subscription – Sign up With a subscription you get: unlimited access to the content of, and more than 20 year old archive reading and interviews from attachments TV OKO / TV SVET, Weekend and Forum unlimited number Unlimited access to videos and Slovak movies on available on PC and in Android and iPhone apps The article continues to be part of the premium content Unlock this article 0.50 € Unlock After payment, the article will be unlocked for a few seconds and you can continue Reading Annual subscription 29 € Order Save up to 17,80 € compared to monthly subscription Monthly p Redemption 3,90 € Order I have a subscription – subscribe You get the subscription with: unlimited access to the content of, and more than 20 year old archive reading and interviews from attachments TV OKO / TV SVET , Weekend and Forum unlimited unlimited access to videos and Slovak movies on available on PC and on Android and iPhone apps

Pavel Šťastný trains Zábrobská. In Slovak

PRAGUE, BRATISLAVA. He had the reputation of a coach – a dog. It was the authority of Charisma. His former relatives from the era of Czechoslovakian representation Olga Charvátová and Jana Gantnerová-Šoltýsová agreed.

Now, Pavel Šťastný, a 63-year-old Slovak native of Prague, has a new challenge. “Sarka addressed me during the Olympics in Vancouver. It’s a tribute to me. Šárka is an extremely strong, winning type. You can concentrate on big races. Like Miller, Tomba or Vonn. Such personalities are not in the sport much, “said Happy, who returned home after twenty years.Since 1990, he has been working in the USA and Canada, seventeen years at the Vermont private ski university, for three years running a junior team in Canada.

Champion of the World Šárka Záhrobská stopped working with father and coach Petrom before last season. They interrupted communication, father only devoted himself to the son of Peter.

“I do not know Mr. Záhrobský personally. I like him as a trainer who managed to raise such a competitor, but I do not see them in their internal affairs, “said Lucky, training Mum and her daughter.

Bronze at the Olympic Winter 1984 Olga Charvátová and Pavel Šťastný co- Academy in Spindleruv Mlyn.Three years ago, to Happy to Vermont, she sent her daughter, Klara, a member of the Vancouver Olympics. “Paul waved harder training methods, but he warned us in advance. He’s a top expert. I do not know a coach who would be so hard to study the latest knowledge, “she told Charvátová.

My former colleague and current president of the Slovak Ski Association, Jan Gantner, was surprised by the Zuzhbrovska cooperation with Happy Happiness. I remember as an uncompromising and extremely ambitious trainer.He always hoped to maintain his own physical condition. “

Happy, according to their own words, not to work with authoritarian methods when working with Zagreb,” They are effective until the skier gets to the top level. More of a discussion than of a command. ” The most suitable specialist

Twenty-five-year-old Zambrobska commented on the choice of the trainer Happy with the words that, in search of a specialist, Paul seemed the most appropriate type.

“I need a person with whom we can be useful because we spend a lot of hours together. They are not like Austrians who come to the hill and then go after theirs, “quoted Zábrobská

Trainer Happy: Zuzula returns to the tip

” I have a problem to distinguish.I grew up in Czechoslovakia, I feel like a descendant of the common state. Mother was from Prague, father from Martin. Within seven years I have lived in Prague, then in Levoča up to university studies in Bratislava. “

” Czech and Canadian. ”

“In the Karluvská bay in Bratislava. I was kayaking on smooth water. In the yard of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Lovely time. “

” The two are very good friends for several years. We meet in Bratislava and around the ski world. ”

“I am true. Veronika is greatly equipped technically. Definitely return to the absolute peak. Last season had problems with injuries, which has affected her psyche. She could not rely on that. “

” In the giant slalom. We will, in future, avoid or speed events.Thus, stars such as Kostelic, Miller and Charvátová have developed. “Vojtech Jurkovič