Can skate like a horse. The Story of the Speaker, who drives Crosby

BRATISLAVA. When he came to the NHL, he wanted to go against the idol of childhood Jaromir Jágr. His dream was fulfilled. What’s more, he later played with him in one team and attack. Czech hockey player Jakub Voracek.

“He has talent. He is strong on skates, he can skate like a horse. That’s his advantage, strength and speed, “Jaromír Jágr said about it.

Voráček was born just like Jagr in Kladno. He does not remember much about the legendary striker in the club jersey. There is more than a 17-year age difference between both.

“I think I had a Jaromir Jágra poster as a five year old. When he was lockout in the NHL in 1994, the first Kladno team was trained. My father was with the players, and he took me on ice with Jagr.I remember a little, “he told twenty-five-year-old right wing.

The unusual Vorachek talent has noticed the coaches already in puberty. Some age ranks with great ease.

In the 13 years he played with eighteen years old, at the age of fifteen for the first time in the highest Czech junior competition. When he was sixteen, he played one duel for the senior team in Kladno in extralige. Czech Forsberg

Before the 2006/07 season, a talented striker went to the Canadian junior competition QMJHL. He showed great potential again.

In the Halifax jersey, Mooseheads won 86 points in the first year of the 59 baseball matches. In twelve play-off duels he added another 24.

“Training such a player is a joy.Every day he comes to a smile on his face. He can not say anything, he’s a complete hockey player, “said Camille Russell, a former coach of Halifax, for the official NHL web site.

When the Mooseheads were deposed from the playoffs, Your acquaintance. I was surprised by many of the answers.

“I would have compared him to a player like Peter Forsberg. Nothing can be intimidated. It brings the necessary technique and the desire to win. There really is not much to be done about improving.Essential will gain experience, “Russell said.

After the strong years of 2004 and 2005, when the teams drafted from the first places of Sidney Crosby and Alexandra Ovechkin, he did not have a clear favorite for the second time in a row. > Voráček was in the top ten in forecasts for overseas logos, portals and scouts before the 2007 draft. The prestigious magazine The Hockey News put him in fourth place.

“Who showed the greatest sympathy? I really do not know. I have no ideal club. It really does not matter where. To tell the truth, I do not care. But I would like to go where I have the best chance of pushing. That’s clear, “said Voráček for

One thing you liked. “New York Rangers.Jarda Jagr plays there and is what to watch, “he added.

The draft was dominated by American strikers Patrick Kane, James van Riemsdyk and Kyle Turris. The teams chose them from the top three positions. “I was not nervous for a long time, but when I sat in the hall and the first round started, it did not pay for it. Tension has emerged, that’s clear. The man is going through it and waiting for everything to happen.As soon as my name rang, I was unquestionably happy, “he told a bronze medalist from the World Series of Poker until 18 years in 2006. Voráček and Blue Jackets agreed a few days after the draft on the conditions of a three-year rookie contract.

“The decision to leave to play in North America in the seventeen years demonstrates his great desire to move into the NHL. We are really happy to have it under contract, “said Columbus General Manager Scott Howson in a TSN interview.

One of the most talented Czech hockey players has been heading back to the junior competition after the draft. In Halifax he had another great year.

In 53 duels he scored 101 points, out of which 33 goals. He has played 15 matches with five goals and 13 assists in the play-off.It was his last junior season.