AS Monaco – SM Caen 2:1

It was not for Monaco against Caen and easy job, as you might expect. Home, however, vitally needed this win after defeat to Lyon, to make them even more outdistanced the first rung. In the end everything worked out even better than perhaps expected. Nice had failed fully in Bordeaux, and the prince club loses to his opponent only two points.

This year trainees coach Leonardo Jardim did not score in Ligue 1 three times. In the two previous cases always suffered defeat after victory, and did not want anything to change this fact even now. Their current opponent had at the Stade Louis II nothing to lose and the south of France did not do bad. After this final failure dropped to the penultimate position.

Caen is not strictly a popular rival princely club. The over him before their own fans won for the first time since January 2005. The Outsider this fight as if he wanted to use his good balance with Monaco and in the 16th minute it really scared Santini’s wort shot, however, his luck finally ended the bar.

In the 28th minute with a header dangerous worked Yahia, with whom he had a last-minute deal on the goal line when goalkeeper Subasic. Monaco out for a better performance breath actually after the break. Barely a few seconds passed before he appeared in the penalty area Falcao, who was then in the opinion of Judge Varela tripped goalkeeper Dreyer.

A little interesting decision of the French arbitrator logically resulted in a penalty regulation, which safely turned just fouled Falcao. In 51 minutes the visitors made it more difficult situation, perhaps frustrated Da Silva underwent a sharp duel with Mbappém, which was the day before the game fresh eighteen, and after a second yellow card and subsequent red was eliminated.

Even so, the SMC did not give up, and could even compare to a weakening in the 68th minute. Karamoha in tutovce ferret Subasic, the ball went to Feret, who culpably missed half empty goal. After 76 minutes, ASM added a second goal, Dreyer made a mistake and dropped a shot Bakayoka. In the end he Bazile through ball Santini had only been reduced.